The history of Burpulis’ restaurant dates back to May 8, 1929, when Samuel Burpulis opened a small restaurant which was then known as Penns
Grove Lunch.
Business conditions at first were poor due to the Depression of 1929. However, Mr. Burpulis and his growing sons, through their tireless efforts, were
able to survive the economic disaster.
In 1933, the name Penns Grove Lunch was changed to Burpulis’ Restaurant.
As time passed, the volume of business grew to a point where in April of  1946 the restaurant was enlarged and completely renovated. A stainless
steel soda fountain and a large ice cream cabinet were installed for the increasing ice cream trade. New booths, tables and a double twin counter
were also installed in the dining room. The kitchen was equipped with modern kitchen fixtures including a six-hole stainless steel steam table and a
six-door Seegar refrigerator. A new floor was put in the entire restaurant.
The following year York air-conditioning was installed in the dining room. During the hottest days of summer the dining room was cool and
By 1950, Nick S. Burpulis, second oldest son of the family, was managing the restaurant. Associated with him were Costa Burpulis and John Burpulis.
Eugenia and Samuel Burpulis
Gus, George and Nick Burpulis
July 1956