Reverend Hodge
                                                                  by Donna Federanko-Stout

Last year, 1994, was a year of challenges and changes for Saint James Parish.  It was marked by the arrival of Father William Hodge to the parish, and
Saint James will never be the same again.

When Father Hodge arrived last Spring, he brought with him an extensive background in education, administration and pastoral accomplishments that
filled his twenty years in the ministry.  He also brought his strong pride in his Irish heritage and with it a warm heart for the Italian people of the parish...
their dreams, their hopes and their traditions.

His leadership brought about the re-birth of the Celebration of the Feast of the Mother of Grace that first took place in 1925.  He inspired parishioners to
take part in this special day which had somehow been lost and forgotten over time.

Much, much more has happened since the Celebration of the Feast last year.  Parishioners have found themselves once again to be active,
participating members in a vibrant parish.

Father Hodge began new social and fundraising activities which include special Sunday morning breakfasts, Bingo in the air-conditioned Bingo Hall on
Mondays and Thursdays and this year, the return of the Saint James Carnival on the church grounds through July 1 leading up to the Celebration of the
Feast of The Mother of Grace on July 2.

Not to mention the new organ which he just acquired for the church and the religious articles, books, tapes and other items you can find at the Rectory.

The school has prospered too under the loving care and concern of Father Hodge.

“Can’t Be Done” just isn’t in his vocabulary and Saint James and its people have been blessed by his faith, knowledge and love in Christ.