In My Grandmother’s Footsteps
                                                     by Donna Federanko-Stout

Last July 3, 1994 marked the return of the “Feast of the Mother of Grace” to Saint James Church in Penns Grove.  The feast day celebration, which
was first celebrated in 1925, had faded away in the 1970's.

But on the first Sunday of July in 1994, The Feast of the mother of Grace was reborn thanks to the efforts of Father Hodge, the members of the
Mother of Grace Society and the many faithful who gathered in church, attended mass and then followed Father Hodge in prayerful reverence as the
statue of Our Lady, the Mother of Grace was taken through the streets of the town.

Last year, I vowed to walk in the procession in honor of my grandmother, Rose Pelura, who passed away in 1987.  During my childhood, my
grandmother always encouraged us to be a part of this wonderful day.  She always was.

So, on that hot summer day, July 3, 1994 I walked where she could no longer walk.  I prayed where she could no longer pray.  And my children
walked too.  Dressed as little angels, they walked for all our other loved ones who have gone on ahead.

After the procession through the streets, we returned to church for the final benediction and the special blessing for the children and expectant

Little did I know at the time, that I was an expectant mother and in March of this year I was blessed with my Rebecca Carol.

This year, I plan to once again walk, for the memory of my grandmother and the gifts that God has given me in my three beautiful children.  I know
that Mom-mom would be proud.