Historical Society Updates
Among our holdings are numerous photos. Some of these photos have unidentified persons. We are asking that you visit the "Mystery Photo" pages of
the site to see if you can help. More photos will be added in the future so please bookmark the site so you can check for updates!
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On Friday, November 3rd the Society will held it's annual fundraiser show. We would like to thank everyone who helped make this show a success.
Thanks to the patrons and businesses who advertised in the booklet, to the individuals who helped backstage and out front, to all the performers
who donated their time and talents and to those who came to see the show. A special thanks to SCC for the use of the facility and to Joseph Krupa
for his fabulous work on the piano.
As customary every year, the Society donates a $100.00 scholarship award to the student who the teachers and board have
selected. This year’s recipient is Dallas Allison. Congratulations Dallas, for all your hard work and best wishes for the future.