Bars, Taverns, Liquor Stores
Ace's Cafe  5 North Broad Street  Asa D. Holmes
Andy's Night Club 199 South Virginia Avenue (1956)  (Andy’s Liquor Store) (now owned by Virendra Patel)
Banco's Bar  207 West Main Street  John Banco (Driftwood Inn)
Batchis Bar   166 West Main Street; Stamilus Batchis
Bernie’s Bar  270 (44) Shell Road  Bernard Yanchulis (1959)
Bomba Brothers  Harding Highway  James and Dominic Bomba (1968), Bomba's Lounge
Bon Bon  
 Harding Highway at DuPont Road  restaurant and cocktail lounge (1966)
Butch's Tavern   South Broad Street Butch Slater, Proprietor He later owned the Forks Sea food house in Pennsville.
Carousel Lounge   38 East Main Street  Marie Hill (after Ralph’s Glass Bar)
Ceasar's Cafe 229 East Main Street (1952)
Central Inn   Harding Highway and PennsvilleAuburn Road
Circle K   47 West Pitman Street  Country & Western Bar, Bill Killian.
Claude Kilmar Family Liquor  49 South  Broad Street
Clemente's Bus Terminal & Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge   199 South Virginia Avenue, Albert Clemente.(1952)
Clemente’s Liquor Store  49 West Pitman Street (1959)
Colonial Liquor  South Virginia Avenue  Don Allen
Danser’s Cozy Inn   Harding Highway & Auburn Road (1934/35)
Diamond's Bar  60  Railroad Avenue (PG) Evangeline Diamond
Dottie's Bar  66 Railroad Avenue (PG), John & Dorothy Diachin (Sep 1968)
Driftwood Inn (Banco's Bar) 207 West Main Street (1959)
Emanuel's Bar  10 West Main Street
Ernest’s Bar (1934), 64-68  East Main Street  Ernest Taskari, Edward Price (from1948-1957)
Friendly Cocktail Lounge
 10 West Main Street (1959)
Friendly Tavern  Pennsville Auburn Road  John Reinauer
Garbini's Bar  111 East Main Street, Alexandro Garbini    
H & R Bar  Main Street   John Hill & Sam Rudinoff
Helms Tavern – East Maple Ave, built in 1732
J & C Liquor Store  North Virginia Avenue and Line Street  John and Carmen Sassi  (Sassi’s)
Jennings Liquor Store  116 North Virginia  Avenue
Joseph Harvey   Auburn Road
Lazy River Inn   Borden's Beach  North Shore.
Logwood Inn   303 Harding Highway
Marc Anthony Lounge   303 Harding Highway  Marie and Roland Macconi
Marie’s Lounge  Main Street  John & Marie Hill
Matt’s Big River Bar  38 East Main Street (after Carousel)  Matt & Margie Denhart (Denhardt?)
Mauney's Liquor Store     49 South Broad Street  Zeb V. Mauney
May’s Inn   Pennsville Auburn Road
McGraw’s Cafe & Package Goods  Shell Road
My Own Café  10 West Main Street
One Step Inn  Margaret Hinch
Pearson’s Inn   Pennsville Auburn Road (1952)
Penns Grove Bottling Co.  49 West Pitman Street  Liquors, Beer and Wines. Antonio Clemente; Incorporated in 1916 by Antonio diPaolo, Cipriano Molz
and Giuseppe diPaolo.
R & R Bar  East Main Street
Railroad Inn   Railroad Avenue
Rainbow Bar  42 West Pitman Street    Peter DiFilippantonio and Nicola DiFilippantonio; managed by Clifford Doubledee in 1952
Ralph's Glass Bar  38 East Main Street, Raffaele Leporace  AX9-9893
Reilly’s Café  75 South Broad Street
Renner's Bar  102 West Main Street          Fred K. Renner
The Royal Bar  12 South Broad Street  Marcus G. Burpulis (1959)
Rustic Inn  Route 130 (Pedricktown)
Sam’s Bar   166 West Main Street (1952)
Sassi’s  Liquor Store  116 North Virginia  Avenue (J & C Liquor Store)  
Shaw’s  270 Shell Road
Stubini’s  111 East Main Street  Stuart Adams
Stubini’s South  270 Shell Road  Stuart Adams
T C Lounge 38 E. Main Street (formerly Bomba's)
Walnut Bar  Cumberland Avenue and Walnut Street  Jerry Literal
William M. Norman
 49 South Smith Avenue  tavern
Wolfe's Bar  10 West Main Street
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