Appliances, Furniture, Rugs, TV
Al's Radio, Television & Electric Service  47 East Harmony Street  Albert Nixon
Baron Laser Concepts  306 Harding Highway, Art Clemente
Bizzy Bee Barely Used Furniture and Home Accessories  150 North Virginia Avenue (2009)
Chamberlains Furniture Co. 72 South Broad Street, Alphonso Chamberlain
Charles A. Dolbow  North Virginia Avenue, air conditioning service & installation
Charles M Sparger  23 Shell Road   radio sales & service
Cline’s Television Service  West Main Street, started in his home at 70 State Street, Austin Cline (1959)
County Television Service   Started in 1950 on South Broad Street by  Donald Federanko as Temple TV. In 1955 business was moved to 72
North Broad Street and a partnership with Andy Svecz was formed. In 1965, in order to expand, the business was moved to 35 East Main Street
and the name was changed to County TV. After more growth, the business moved to Pennsville. The name was then changed changed to
Country TV as Joseph Phillips went into partnership with Mr. Federanko. (
Country TV and Radio) see also Temple Television, Inc.
Cowan's  71 South Broad Street Sewing machines & washers.  67 South Broad Street (1954)  Thomas Cowan
Ed-Mar Flooring  57 West Pitman Street  Retail sales of carpets, rugs and floor coverings, Edward Szamski
E.L. Pietzsch  17 Oak Street  buys and sells household goods, furniture, etc. “Antiques A Specialty”
Evo's Appliances  Broad &West Main Street
F.H. Elliott  23 West Main Street heating, plumbing, appliances (1949)
Gallagher’s Furniture Store  64-66 South Broad Street
General Floor Coverings Co.    52 ½ East Main Street  retail sales of carpets, rugs and floor coverings, Benjamin Jacobson, manager
General Supply Co.  East Main and John Streets  household appliances  Frank Carr, manager
Goldberg’s Department Store
 Shell Road  furniture, established in 1915
Heine's Furniture Co.  75-77 South Broad Street  Joseph Heine
Hurley's Dept. & Furniture 66 South Broad Street  2 Story  (Hurley Liebman Furniture), 22 South Broad Street, 87 South Broad Street
IXL Radio Shop, Inc.   45 South Broad Street  radios, refrigerators, washers
Jerry’s Electric Service  231 Shell Road,  television sales & repair
Jerry's Radio & T.V. Repairs 240 Shell Road
John C. Black  108 South Broad Street,  branch of Hurley Dept. store (Camden)
Levitt's Furniture 38 South Broad Street (1959)
M.D. Raine  199 West Main Street (1928) Radios
Morgan's Furniture  81 South Broad Street
Pagnotto’s  Route 130 – furniture, appliances (Pedricktown)  299-0725
Philip Glanty  62 South Broad Street  electrical appliances
Pic's Carpet 70 South Broad Street  (Pic’s Carpet & Furniture Co., 36 South Broad Street)
Pic’s Carpet Shop  12 South Norman Avenue  AX9-3400 (1952)
Ralph D. Justice   Opposite Post Office in Carneys Point (1928) Radios
R.B Donaldson Sales & Service  240B Shell Road  Kitchen equipment and appliances  Russell B. Donaldson
Sack Furniture Co., Inc.  59-61-63 South Broad Street  D.A. English, manager
Samuel S. Leonardi   64 South Miller Avenue  electric appliance repair
Serv –U Electric Co.  53-55 South Broad Street  Sol Davidow moved to Penns Grove from Rosenhayen in 1940 and started the Serv-U-Electric
Company on South Broad Street. He operated the business until 1990, when he sold it to Lou Ewald.
Sewing Machine Service Center  5 Railroad Avenue (1947)
South Jersey Washing Machine Repair  Shell Road at Georgetown  Robert B. Taylor
Sparger Radio Shop  47 South Broad Street (Sparger's Record Shop)
Temple Television Inc.  Started in the summer of 1951 by  Don Federanko and Robert Stewart and originally opened in old Press building on
East Main Street. Later moved to  4 East Main Street where Motorola was added as the main line. Next moved to North Broad Street and shortly
afterward  Don Federanko became sole proprietor. (see also
County Television)
Weinbergs  61 South Broad Street  Furniture since 1916, Maxwell Shapiro and Lillian Maxwell furniture-appliances (Weinberg's Furniture
Weinberg Furniture Co. 62 South Broad Street (1949) furniture and appliances
Willard L. Tomlin  28 Penn Street  Radio & TV service
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