Newspapers, Stationery & Printing
Carney’s Point News Agency  opposite Post Office, newspapers, magazines, stationery, music rolls, cigars, fine confectionery  (April 1917)
Coneeny's  News Shop  33 Shell Road   magazines, newspapers, gifts. Sandwich shop & Fountain
Davi’s News Stand  33 Shell Road  magazines, newspapers, gifts, novelties, models, soda fountain (1954)
Ed Hunt’s News Agency  7 South Broad Street (1928)
H.B. Adams and Son  2-4 E. Main Street - Printing, engraving, and process engraving  Harry B. Adams and Harry R. Adams  (Harry B. Adams:Printing)
Hunt’s News Agency   7 South Broad Street (1932)  
James I. Lenig & Company  18 East End Avenue, commercial, wedding and social stationery, offset printing  299-4312 (1973)
John Farish's News Agency 7 South Broad Street (Penns Grove News Agency) established in 1917 by Mr. and Mrs. John Farish
Pennsgrove and Carney’s Point News   weekly delivery  (April 1917)
Penns Grove News Agency  11 East Main Street. – newspapers, stationery, cards, toys. originally the Farish News Agency started in 1917. Over the
years the business was sold to the Hunts then back to the Farish family. It then was purchased by the Snyder's, then the Greenbergs. In 1973 it was sold
to Max Oruch.  
Penns Grove Record   originally at 3 Oak Street,  114 East Main Street  Newspaper & printing. Thomas C.Summerill, owner and publisher.. Begun in
1878 by Rev. James W. Laughlin.
Penns Grove Sun
The Press
 2-4 East Main Street  Harry B. Adams and Harry R. Adams (The Press Publishing Company) established March 1934

Salem Sunbeam   branch office  East Main Street  located in Pelura Building
Sickler’s News Agency  Main Street and Delaware Avenue  (April 1917)
T.V. Sickler  Newstand at Riverview (Carneys Point) ( November 1915), sold in September 1916 to Alfred K. Brandiff
Slugger's News Agency & Fountain    266 Shell Road,  Mr. Middleton
Snyder’s News Shoppe  7 South Broad Street,Thomas Kirby, manager;  11 East Main Street (1954)  newspapers, stationery, cards, toys (Snyder’s
News Agency
Arete's Drug Store  145 West Main Street, B. Arete Russell (April 1917); Broad Street & Railroad Avenue (April 1917) phones: 222-W, 183, 140 and
182; J & S Ross, pharmacists (1959)
Carney's Point Drug Store  Ralph D. Justice, proprietor
Cheeseman's  Drug Store On corner of Broad & Main Streets, also known as Union Square .  Cheesman's Whelan Drug Store, owned & operated by
Willard F, opened on Apr. 27, l935. Its site had been occupied drug stores since World War I  days. The
Shur Chemical Co. , Livingston's  and
Guest's Pharmacy
were its predecessors. Mr. Cheesman graduated P.G. H.S. in 1927 & from the Philadelphia. College of  Pharmacy  in  l930. Prior to
opening his own business, he was employed for 5 years by the
Community Drug Store in Penns Grove.  AX9-3500. Joined by his son, Richard, in 1966.
Business purchased by Richard in 1974.
Community Drug Store  (1928)
DiVito's  300 Shell Road  Ralph DiVito
Doughertys Drug Store 42 Shell Road (1952) later moved to 300 Shell Road, John J. Dougherty (Dougherty Pharmacy)
Guest’s Pharmacy  Broad and Main Streets (1928) Harry Guest and his son, Warren.
Jackson's Rexall Drug Store 26-28 South Broad Street, P.H. Jackson, President. The Jackson Drug Company began business on January 1, 1931,
succeeding the
Community Drug Store. The business was managed by Registered Pharmacist Joseph J. Zonies, who was assisted by Pharmacist John
J. Dougherty.
Livingston’s Pharmacy  Broad and Main Streets
Lubin’s Pharmacy  19 South Broad Street (1935)
Megaw & Megaw  Shell Road and Broadway  Drugstore, magazines and sundries
Shur Chemical Company  Broad and Main Streets  pharmacy
Underwood’s Pharmacy  “D” St and Walker Avenue  (April 1917)
Velco Products Co.  cough syrup and ointment (1923)
The Village Drugstore  “D” Street & Walker Avenue; Drugs,cigars,candy,toilet goods,stationery,rubber goods, Kodak supplies: Fountain – pure fruits &
syrups; telephone 247 (April 1917)
West Main Pharmacy   185 West Main Street (Lou Mitchell)
Zonies Rexall Drug Store 26-28 South  Broad Street  Joseph J. Zonies
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