A - L
A & F Motors  South Virginia and Park Avenues  radiator service
A. Chance Texaco Station  Shell Road
Alec's Gas station and soda shop  North Broad Street -   a stop for the train engineer for food and snacks
Allan Bergh, Inc.  Virginia Avenue and Griffith Street  -  Lincoln-Mercury sales, service, parts, repairs
American Gateway  Hawks Bridge Road opened August 1968
Amoco Service Station  Maple Avenue  Earle B. Hunt  (1949)
Arthur J. McLaughlin  77 North Broad Street  Automobile dealer;  Art McLaughlin, Inc. South Virginia Avenue (1959) DeSoto and Plymouth
Atlantic Gas Station  6 East  Main Street Jack Oster (1940's), also known as Shepherd’s Midtown Atlantic Station Later  Don's Atlantic then
Charlie Rainier's
 149 South Virginia Avenue, garage
B.A. Jewell, Inc.  Virginia Ave and Griffith Street  (1957) moved to Harding Highway in 1960. Lincoln-Mercury  sales and service established in
January 1955; new owners in 1976 – William Stamps and Frank Dumont
Banner Boys  70 South Broad Street (1953) -   auto supplies  Sam Jacobs, Proprietor; Joseph Gorden, manager 90 South Broad St (1965)
Bartleson's Texaco Station  Dansers Corner (Dec 1952); Jimmy Bartleson (formerly Larney's)
Bill Kille’s Texaco Service  Shell Road
Birch & Foster  North Virginia Avenue and East Harmony Street, Norman Birch and William Foster, service station (1940's)
Bob's Auto Body Shop  West Main Street
Bob's Body Shop   19 East Line Street
Bobbitt Auto, Inc. 150 North Virginia Avenue  opened in 1958, John Bobbitt  (1980) (Bobbitt Chysler-Plymouth)
Boody Motor Co.   Five Points Road, Perkintown  Chrysler and Plymouth sales and service (Pedricktown)
Broadway Garage  77 North Broad Street  auto repair (1934/35;1941)
Broadway Tire   214 South Broad Street  originally opened in Pennsville in September 1967 by Robert Moore, the business moved to Penns
Grove in 1968.
Buck Maconi Auto Body Repairs  9 South Miller Avenue
Bunk's Auto Supply Co.  62 North Broad Street   299-0064 (1965) Founded in 1930 by Gideon Elvin Stanton at 72 North Broad Street. Originally
the business sold car parts and accessories to service stations only. In 1948 they moved to 62 North Broad Street in order to expand. Donald
Stanton bought the business from his father in 1964. A garage was added for repairs and sales were extended to individuals.
Bunk's Garage & Texaco Station   North Broad Street,  Bunk Stanton, Proprietor
Busty's Service Station   184 North Virginia Ave Sinclair Gas.  Bastino Luzzo, operator
C.S. Llewellyn  Virginia Avenue and East Main Street, garage
C.W. Starr  East Main & Virginia Avenue  Ford – sales and service Charles W. Starr, president. In May 1957 they also became the first dealer of
Ford farm and industrial equipment in Salem County.
Car Corner  106 Field Street, Daniel M. Russler
Carl Schmid  Main Street (Pedricktown)  auto repair
Carneys Point Collision L.L.C.  263 Shell Road  Bob and Lisa Michaels
Carneys Point Esso  Shell Road (1959,1965)  Henry Twiggs
Carneys Point Garage   Gulf station,  G. Thompson, prop.
Casto's Service Station   North Virginia Ave. below the DOD  Esso gas
Central Garage  South Broad and Walnut Streets (1928); Harding Highway & Dupont Road.    Plymouth & Dodge (1934/35) C.H. Pyle
Charles W. Starr  East Main Street & Virginia Avenue, service station (C.W.  Starr Inc.)
Charlie's Texaco Station  269 Shell Road, Charlie Rainier (early 1960’s)
Chew’s Service Station & Snack Bar  Route 130 (Pedricktown)
Clark’s Penns Grove Arco  6 East Main Street  (1978)
Coffey Bros. G I Service Station 10 North Virginia Avenue  Automobile repair John L. Coffey and William  Coffey, Jr.  built in 1946
Coffey’s Auto Care Center  16 North Virginia Avenue, established 1945, Bill & Pat Coffey
Coffey's  Mobil Gas Station 16 North Virginia Avenue  Mike Coffey, Proprietor built in 1962
Courtesy Chevrolet, Inc.  77 East Main Street
Dalton & Zappala, Inc.  East Main Street and Virginia Avenue  Ford dealer
Day's Garage  West Main Street at the railroad  Agency for Willy-Knight, Overland and Dort cars. (H.A.Day & Bro.)
Don’s Atlantic Service Station   6 East Main Street
Don Heimbach's Inc.  50 North Virginia Avenue auto supplies  Don W. Heimbach
E&R Motor Parts   started in 1946 at 30 Railroad Avenue, moved to 118 North Virginia Avenue in 1951. Charles E. Erhardt and Harold Reeves c0-
owners. sold to N.A.P.A. in 1998
E.D. Powers  52 West Main Street  Automotive service, towing (1932)
E.S. Kilmer Motor Cars  Broad & Main Streets  (1927) Hudson, Essex Showroom at Cunningham’s Garage
Eakins   Route 130  Pontiac dealer – sales and service
Eakins-Groff  91 North Virginia Avenue  auto sales  (previous business was McClurd Pontiac)
East End Garage  Harding Highway J.T. Fluharty & Charles R. Mathis (1941) Sales & Service GMC trucks (1957)
Elliott Motor Sales  South Broad and Mary Streets (1927) Chrysler
Fearns Motors  173 North Virginia Avenue  Studebaker   Clarence and Kilmer Fearn
Fearn’s Service Center  Virginia Avenue  Amoco products  (1947) Clarence and Kilmer Fearn
Fedele DePalma Jr.  78 East Main Street  Automobile repair
Ferrara Chevrolet, Inc.    originally  Noone Chevrolet. Purchased by Steve Ferrara in May 1969 while located at 77 East Main Street.  Moved to  
239 North Virginia Avenue in February 1975 (
Steve Ferrara Chevrolet, Inc.)
Flying A Gas Station  1 South Virginia Avenue
Frank’s Auto Parts  (Pedricktown)
Frank Lutz   88 North Broad Street  Radiator  repair
Frank West Body & Fender Shop Pennsville Auburn Road, Pedricktown (1957)
Friendship Garage    244 North Virginia Avenue  Walter Gilbert & T. Edward Mutch
Garden State Service  South Virginia Avenue (1968), managed by Frank Krivda and Cosmo Mangiocco
Gary's Gulf Station Shell Road
Geo. S. Marshall  21 North Broad Street  Vulcanizing and tire repair  (1935)
George W. Smith  North Virginia Avenue  service station
Green Garage  (Pedricktown)  Auto repair and supplies; Ford service station  (1921)
Green's Garage  North Broad and Harmony Street  (1928)  Ford dealer
Green's Auto (Nash)  266 North Virginia Avenue  (Green’s Garage – (1954))  Sales and service also  sold Rambler
Green’s Garage  35 North Broad Street  Lincoln, Ford and Fordson Tractors  (1932)
H & S Amoco Service  North Virginia Avenue
H.A.Day & Bro.  91 West Main Street    Agency for Willy-Knight, Overland and Dort cars. Also Nash dealer (1928,1934/35)
H.K. Shoemaker  52 West Main Street (1928) Studebaker and Reo agency
Hackett Bros Garage  91West Main Street  DeSoto and Plymouth (may be Hachett Bros)
Handee Auto Parts  (1973) 299-1200  machine shop; North Virginia Avenue. Phil Scarfo & Tony Capasso         (1973)
Handy Esso Station  Virginia Avenue
Hayes Campbell  Auto repair, general machinist, forging, welding supplies (1920)
Henry J   North Broad Street car dealer
Henry Young  241 Shell Road  auto body shop
Herman Day  24 Shell Road, service station
Hi-Way Esso  Route 44 Pedricktown (1952)
Homan’s Auto Supply   37 East Main Street  Esso dealer  
Homan's Auto Supply   95 East  Main Street, Franklin W. Homan
Horner Brothers   East Main Street and Virginia Ave, Texaco  Ford & Mercury dealer (Horner Bros. Ford & Mercury)  Lewis K. Horner
Hudson – Terraplane Sales & Service  80 East Main Street  tires
J.E. Harris & Son  179 West Main Street (1927)  Buick
J V Service Station  North Virginia Ave at Harmony Street  James Viera
J. Robert Jones  243 Shell Road  service station
James Pomponi Inc.  184 North Virginia Avenue  Auto repair
Janson’s Service Station  State Highway 44 and Railroad Avenue (Pedricktown)
Jay Vee  Service  Virginia Ave Body & Fender
Jim's Auto Body  21 East Line Street  Automobile body and fender repair  James L. Davis
Jimmie's Service Station  135 East Main Street  James Pomponi
Joe's Atlantic Service Station    South Virginia Avenue
John Farrish   East Main Street & Virginia Avenue  garage
John D. Federanko  6 East Main Street  Service station
Johnson’s Service Station  157 (149) North Broad Street, George K. Johnson
Jordan's Car Wash  South Virginia Avenue,  first self-service car wash in tri-community owned by Commercial Fuel of Millville, opened December
Joseph Federica  South Virginia Avenue and Willis Street  service station
King's Esso Service Center  Shell Road  automotive service, heating oils; taken over by henry G. Twiggs in March 1957
King's Esso Service Route 44 & Trumbull St (1952)
Krivda Motors Inc.  Virginia and Howard Avenues; founded May 15, 1975 by Frank and Clark Krivda
Kyte & McLaughlin Virginia Avenue & Harmony Street  (1952) – DeSoto and Plymouth, sales and service
Larney's Texaco Station  Danser's Corner; Larney Pennington opened July 16, 1952
Leila M. Day (widow of Herman A.)  24 Shell Road  service station
Longacre's Garage    Broad Street repair
Lou's Sunoco  251 Shell Road  Lou Pagnotto started in 1959
Loveland's Tydol  Service Station  South Broad  & Walnut Streets. (1940's)
Lutz Auto Body and Top  88 North Broad Street
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