Contractors, Building Supplies,
A.Verdecchio and Son, Inc.  23 Fifth Avenue  (1970)
A.M. Young  22 East Main Street, 136 West Main Street -  interior decorator; Albert M. Young (1934)
Al Jess  87 Morris Avenue   Fuel Oil, Kerosene (1947)
Atlantic City Electric Co. (River Division) 62 East Main Street  Electric service; 27 East Main Street (1934/35)
Barber & Turner  foot of Harmony Street; coal and wood, hay, feed grain, fertilizer, etc. (by Oct 1913 only “Barber”)
Blue Coal Co. Agency  26 Pitman Street (1934/35)
Borough Plumbing & Heating  79 South Broad Street, Plumbing supplies, oil burning equipment, sales and service. Anthony Tancredi.
Burch Products Co.  14 Marsden Avenue  Storm windows, storm doors, Awnings, siding, venetian blinds,  Garbini-Clemente (1954) (1964)
C. Stratton Stewart  15 South Broad Street  electrical contractor, 2 East Main Street (1934)
C.M. Dolbow  149 West Main Street  Tin Roofing and Sheet Metal work (1923)
Castle Oil Co.  100 North Virginia Avenue  Francis S. Castle (1971)
Charles A. Dolbow  North Virginia Avenue above Pitman Street  Oil burners and heating
Clemente General Contractor The large general contracting firm of Anthony Clemente, which specializes in road building and sewerage
systems was located on the Penns Grove- Salem Road, half a mile south of Carneys Point. The business was started in 1921. Ten years later
he erected a large modern building that housed his equipment. His brothers Philip, John and Joseph became associated with him. The
employees numbered 130. Among contracts handled by the firm have been the Forked Hickoy-Pedricktown, Perkintown, Tattletown roads,
Construction of Streets and sewers in Fenwick Park Carney's Point and Deepwater. In addition the company did much work for the Dupont Co.
in the Dye Works, Smokeless powder and Gibbstown plants.  (Also
Clemente Transit Mix Inc. and A. Clemente Inc.)
Coombs Lumber Company (1916) Penns Grove
Cooper's Sanitation  78 North Norman Avenue  plumbing supply  James and Nelson Cooper
Corradina DePrinzio  81 West Pitman Street  ice dealer
Cut Price Hardware Store  21 South Broad Street  M. Baevsky paints, hardware
The Delaware and Atlantic Telegraph and Telephone Co.  Bridgeton (1919), Camden (1927) provided service to Penns Grove
Dolbow’s Heating and Roofing Co.  149 West Main Street  Everett Dolbow
Dominic Pratta  12 South Broad Street  paperhanger
E.S. Kilmer  173 East Main Street  practical house mover and general contractor (1932)
Edw.G Brick  hardware, coal, paints, seed
Egan Plumbing and Heating  112 Poplar Street, 299-3186 (1965)
Electric Company of New Jersey  
Ernie's Upholstering Shop   34 Ave I Extension  Ernest Rhoads (1947)
F. & S. Phillips  19 North Broad Street telescopes, machetes, hardware
F.H. Elliott  23 West Main Street  plumbing, heating, refrigerators  (1949)
Ferrell’s Oil and Supply Service  Fuel Oil & kerosene, farm supplies, produce broker
Fisher & Wilbraham  Begun in 1951 in a large warehouse on Main Street at the railroad tracks  by Cliff Wilbraham and Oliver Fisher. Moved to
91 West Main Street in 1955. Vandalism forced a move in 1971, taking them to Pedricktown. In 1977, they moved to Mitchell Avenue in Penns
Grove after vandalism at the Pedricktown location. roofing & siding
Fletcher Forman  24 Mitchell Avenue  masonry contractor
Francis H. Elliot  23 West Main Street  plumber (F.H.Elliott – heating,plumbing,appliances, 1928)
Friendship Supply Co.  156 North Broad Street, 299-2588 (1965); 162 North Broad Street (1959)
Fuel Oil Co.  125 Guest Street  Francis Castle
General Floor Covering  52 East Main Street  carpets, linoleum, floor tile, venetian blinds, shades (1964)
George E. Dutton  40 Turner Avenue  plumber
Gerald M. Federici  11 East Harmony Street  Concrete contractor, general masonry work
H.D. Turner   coal, grain, feed, hay, seed, cement (1912, 1929)
H.G. Cawley  72 Delaware Avenue, general contractor (1928)
H.J. Hutchinson  6 Pearl Street, later in Pedricktown (1926)  sign painter
H.S. Justice & Company  Pedricktown established in 1845  lumber and mill work, hardware, coal
H.V. Summerill   electrical contractor, household appliances  (1923)
H.W. Williams  57 East Main Street  Oil-burning Floor Furnaces, refrigerators, washing machines, real estate (1949)
Harry N. Johnson   Main Street and Railroad Avenue (1920)  plumbing and heating
Harry S. Barber Coal and Ice   124 West Main Street (1924) wood, feed fertilizer, blacksmith, fire insurance
Ice House  West Main Street
J.F. Bodine  17 Penn Street general upholsterer (1931)
J.J. Myers  Beach Avenue at railroad  Coal and Ice
J.K. Dolbow  149 West Main Street  Stoves, Tin ware agate ware, roofing (1914) Later (1926) J.K. Dolbow & Sons also dealing in gas
ranges, refrigerators and furnaces
Jack Plale  North Virginia Avenue  electrical contractor
James Duffy Jr. 53 West Main Street  plumber
Jerry's Electric Service  231 Shell Road  Jerome L. Embury  electrical contractor
Joe Maconi's Woodworking  Cabinet and wood working business on  South Virginia Avenue from the late 40's till the 80's. Joe was one of
the best cabinet makers in the area and lived his whole life in Penns Grove
John J. Meyers  Beach Avenue & Penna. Railroad  ice, coal, building materials (1931)
John E. Watson  Frigidaire, oil burners, Fuel Oil (also in Woodstown) (1940's)
John Lohmeyer & Son   Pedricktown  brick mason
John W. Heath  93 West Pitman Street  Masonry contractor
Joseph Riley  19 ½ West Main Street  paperhanger  and wallpaper  (1921)
Justice Lumber Co., Inc.    33 West Pitman Street,  304 Harding Highway.  Lumber, millwork, hardware, paints &  building material
King's Heating Oil Service  Carneys Point (1959)
Levitt’s Electric Service  East Main and John Streets, 36-38 South Broad Street and Shell Road at Market Street, Morton L. Levitt,
refrigeration, 57 East Main Street, heating, radios - sales, service and parts.
Lloyd W. Williams  5 South Broad Street  hardware, paints, oils, glass (1926)
Louis Pratta  62 Westminster Avenue  paperhanger
M & M Plumbing  North Virginia Avenue
Mae Ridgeway  Pedricktown  custom slipcovers and draperies
Martell Construction  15 South Miller Avenue  Rocco Martell
Mike’s Hardware Store  21 South Broad Street  Mike Baevsky, hardware, paints, furnishings (1928,1933)
Milton C. Gould  93 Penn Street  building contractor
Mrs. Roy Griffin Slip Covers   19 Railroad Avenue (Pedricktown) Julia Pines Griffin – custom made draperies, curtains, bed spreads and
Muriel Foulk (Pedricktown)  fabrics, custom rods and slipcovers
New Jersey Bell Telephone Company  (1934): office on State Street at Railroad Avenue opened in spring 1938
O. R. Livesay & Son 55 Maplewood Avenue  Building Contractor
P.A. Mumink  North Dupont Road  general building contractor
P G General Sales  10 South Broad Street  hardware, paint, toys, hunting and fishing equipment
Parkinson & Ball  paper hangers and painters  (1910)
Pat DiCugno General Building Contractor
Patsy Scipioni  Industrial and Commercial Electrical Service
Paul Sayers  29 North Smith Avenue  oil dealer
Pennsgrove Construction Co.  Pitman Street near Broad Street, incorporated by K.A. Porter and Samuel L. Smith in 1915
Penn’s Grove Gas Company  243 Main Street  (1911)
Penns Grove Hygeia Ice Company  (1925)
Penns Grove Planing Mills  187 East Main Street (rear), cabinet makers, founded by Alfred E. Gillison
Penns Grove Plumbing & Heating   35 East Griffith Street  Jerome Dombro
Penns Grove Plumbing Supply Co.   98 East Griffith Street, Jerome Dombro
Penns Grove Water Supply Co.  77 East Main Street (1935),  B. Hanish, manager
Pennsgrove Improvement Co.  corner Broad & Main Streets; “The New Doty Boat”; home building (Apr 1917)
Pete Verdecchio & Sons   208 North Broad Street, Started in 1946 by Pietro Verdecchio
Peter Jordan Fuel oil & coal 24-28 West  Pitman Street. Jordan Business Another Product Of The War Days    Peter Jordan was a Penns
Grove business man for 25 yrs. He was head of the large ice, coal, 7 fuel oil business bearing his name Mr. Jordan opened a grocery store on
the site in 1915. In l920 he closed the grocery store & purchased the ice & feed business of  R.J. Lewin,  then located  at 195 North Broad St
(1959).  Continuing the Lewin business there until he rebuilt on West Pitman Street and returned in 1924.  In 1923 the firm incorporated to
include his 2 sons, Dominick and Peter Jordan, Jr. since 1911.
Philip Spinelli  61 Penn Street  building contractor
Phillip Gagliardi  99 Walnut Street  cement contractor
Phillip's Supply Co.   11 North Broad Street, plumbing supplies; Frank Phillips
R.F. Willis & Bro. Inc.  7 Oak Street  builders’ supplies
R.R. Willis Co., Inc.  7 Oak Street  Lumber, paint, hardware
R.S. Burgess Sawmill  Central School House Road
R. Shorts & Son  69-71 Pitman Street  Ice and Coal, also moving and hauling (1931)
Railroad Construction Co.   Oak Street and Railroad Avenue
Ralph Lerro  Pedricktown  building contractor
Richard N. Short  69 West Pitman Street  ice dealer
Roberts & Riley  Main & Oak Streets, painting and paperhanging  (April 1917)
Roberts Brothers Ice & Coal Co.  North Broad Street (Friendship Station)  William F. and Thomas R. Roberts
Salem County Plumbing Supply Company  founded in 1972 at 281 Shell Road, Purchased by Joseph Bracale in 1979 and moved to 212
North Virginia Avenue
Samuel M. Raighn   55 Harmony Street  contractor, cement and block work  (1922)
Samuel S.Leonardi  64 South Miller Avenue electrical contractor
Samuel Still's  North Broad Street plumbing
Serv-U  Electric Co.  Established  by Sol L. Davidow; later owned by Lou Ewald. Started in Bridgeton in 1937 and moved to 45 South Broad
Street in March 1940. Moved to 53-55 South Broad Street in 1946.
Snell Sheet Metal Works  42 East Griffith Street, J.K.Snell
South Jersey Gas Co.  57 East Main Street
Southerland Service  116 Deming Avenue  carpentry, masonry, painting, plumbing, heating, roofing  AX 9-1617
Summerill & McCloskey  8 South Broad Street (also 3 Dunn Building,Salem)  electrical contractors and engineers, dealers in electrical
fixtures and appliances (1922)
Sylvester Bowen  cement contractor
T.I. Holton  8 North Broad Street  (based in Pedricktown)  paint, wallpaper, furniture, rugs, linoleum, paperhanger and painter (1923)
T.J. Evans  11 North Broad Street  plumbing and heating (1931)
Theo Fletcher  45 Ives Avenue  building contractor
Thomas B. Golt   120 Denny Avenue  Building Contractor
Thos. B. Parkinson  painter, paperhanger, decorator (1912)
Verdecchio Bros. 192 North Broad Street  Contractors. Alex and Pietro, started in 1946
V.S. Homan 311 Delaware Avenue - gasoline, batteries, oils and electric supplies (1914)
Vito DiSylvestro  2 West Pitman Street Oil Burner Service, plumbers
W.H. McKinley  maker and painter of signs; agent for Perma Loc Self Vulcanizing Patch  (April 1917)
W. Jos. Sipple  19 West Main Street  paperhanger and decorator, wall paper, paints and window shades
Warren’s Hardware  Shell Road  
Warren’s Hardware Co.   21 ½ South Broad Street
Wm. L. Denny   Main Street  heating stoves, plumbing, tin roofing and spouting
Walter E. Storey  14 Woods Avenue  painter
Walter Randolph  2 East Walnut Street  contractor and builder
Watson Electric Service  24 East Main Street, 299-4100  (1965)
William W. Summerill   71 West Harmony Street  building materials and supplies; coal dealer  Summerill Service)
Willis Hardware  180 West Main Street  
Young’s Roofing and Siding Company  257 Shell Road, 299-1206 (1972)
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