The Bank  221 Shell Road
County Finance Service  Broad and Main Streets  Loans  H.Bruce Meixel, manager
Credit Bureau of Salem County  27 West Main Street  Credit reports, collections and investigations  Walter J. Conine, also a branch office in
First National Bank   (Pedricktown) started 1905;  construction on new building begun in 1952
First Savings & Loan Association of Penns Grove   48 West Main Street, building erected in 1957.  A branch was opened in 1967 on Route
130 in Pennsville. (
Penns Grove Building & Loan Association)
Penns Grove Building & Loan Association  On October 30, 1928 a group of Penns Grove businessmen met to form an organization that would
encourage thrift and help area residents acquire homes with  the help of mortgage loans. The first President of the Association was B. Noel Gross,
a position he held until 1944. In January 1929 the first mortgage loan was granted to Grover Pettit in the amount of $2000. In the 1940's, the
Association which had been meeting monthly, decided to open a full time office. This was located at 5 1/2 West Main Street. In 1957, upon moving
to    the newly constructed building at 48 West Main Street, the name was changed to First Savings & Loan Association of Penns Grove.
Penns Grove National Bank and Trust Company   West Main established 1900, new building at West Main and Oak opened in 1929. (still
open in December)1986
Peoples Bank of Penns Grove George Fuhrman Pres.  Organized in December 1915. Building at Broad and Main Streets opened in 1917.
Ritter Finance Co.  62 East Main Street (1964)
Whitehall Securities Corp.   sales office at 34 East Main Street, Joseph T. Zappala, manager; 88 South Broad Street (1968)
Banks, Financial
Insurance, Accounting
A.Cataldi Insurance  94 Walnut Street  Started by Ascenzio Cataldi on a part-time basis while he was employed by DuPont, The A. Cataldi
Insurance Agency was first licensed in November 1945.
Albert  H. Nissman  21 W. Main St  Public accountant
Alfred M. Light  121 C Street (1927) Insurance
Automobile Association of America  34 East Main Street  William Bright, manager
Banco Rigg  83 Delaware Avenue  insurance
Cardoso Insurance Agency  4 South Broad Steet (1968); 294 Shell Road
Clark-Shidner Agency, Inc.   5 Penns Grove Road (Pedricktown)  (Dec 1984 & Dec 1986)  Insurance
Cochran & Day  91 West Main Street (1928) Insurance
David P. Featherer  190 West Main Street  Real estate and insurance
Di Palma's Insurance and Real Estate  East.Main Street
Drabold’s Insurance Agency  18 East Mill Street (1968) ;5 Penns Grove Road (Pedricktown)  299-2961 (1972)
Edith D. Coomer  91 West Main Street  insurance, 37 West Main Street
Felix DiPietro Jr.  15 East Main Street  insurance (Dec 1982)
George L. Wecker 85 South Broad Street  34 East Main Street  Insurance service,  14 West Main Street (1954); Marie Wecker
Harry F. Stewart Insurance   (Harry F Stewart Agency) Started by Helen and Harry F. Stewart in 1940 in a small apartment on the corner of
Del-A-Vue Avenue and North Broad Street. In 1952, the business was moved to 59 East Main Street. Four years later they bought the David P.
Featherer Insurance Agency and merging the two businesses, they moved to 188 West Main Street. In 1969, the agency was relocated into the
adjacent building (the old Library). Soon after the George Wecker Insurance Agency was purchased and absorbed.
Henry D. Young Insurance
Herman D. Simpson
 78 Shell Road  insurance
Hood’s Insurance Agency  2 South Elmwood Ave established in 1953 by Frank Hood. In 1968 he was joined by his son, Frank, who took over
the business in 1971.
Huber Insurance Agency, Inc.  41 Penns Grove Road; 3 West Mill Road (Pedricktown) (1968)  
J. Warren Bouvier Federal Tax Service  56 Mill Street (Pedricktown)
James Pelura Agency 13 East Main Street  general insurance established in 1919 ;17 East Main Street (1968)
Justice Insurance Co. 28 West Main Street established in 1883 J. Hollis Justice  (see Trumbull Insurance C.o) John D. Justice
Ken Jordan  State Farm Insurance, 166 Jefferson Street, moved to 206 Route 40.
L.P. Justice  80 Delaware Avenue, insurance (1925)
Moriarity Insurance  East Main Street, located in Pelura Building; 104 Justice Drive (1968)
Prudential Insurance Company of America  188 West Main Street; F.D. Morgan, manager
Rigg Banco  83 Delaware Avenue  Real Estate & Insurance
Rolland S. Kille Insurance Service  398  North Virginia Avenue  299-2122 (1959,1968), 5 Del-A-Vue Avenue (1952, 1954)
Russell R. Pepperess  insurance 14 West Main Street (1968)
Toenbreker’s   6 North Virginia Avenue Travelers Insurance, Jan Toenbreker
Trumbull Insurance Co.  28 West Main Street  In the late 1940's, he retired and sold the business to his daughter (probably one of the first
businesswomen in PG). Her name was Lillian Justice. It became the
Justice Insurance Co. until her death in 1970. Mr.Trumbull was a business
associate of Mr. Summerill (PG Record). When Mr. Trumbull died, Mr. Summerill wrote a glowing obit for him.
W.R. Cochran  158 West Main Street insurance, 149 West Main Street (1954)  William R. Cochran
Walter J. Conine   27 West Main Street Tax Office, Ins & Accounting.    HARTFORD INS.CO(1940's)
Walter W. Coffey  116 East Main Street (1952)  insurance
Real Estate, Lodging, Travel Agents
Asa G. Justice  95 West Main Street  Real estate and notary
Bay Shore Travel  328 Shell Road Founded June 20, 1978 (1980)
Carl H.B. Summerill  23 East Maple Avenue  real estate
City Hotel  Railroad Avenue  (August 1915)
Colonial Arms Motel and Restaurant  299-3700  Roxy Logiovino, manager (1959,1965)
Colonial Hotel 76 West Main Street, Oliver Allen; Hotel Colonial, Madelyn H. Allen owner (1959) Built around 1918 by the DuPont company.
David P. Featherer  190 West Main Street  Real estate and insurance
Di Palma's Insurance and Real Estate   East.Main Street
Enzo Savarese Realty  253 Shell Road
Fedele DePalma  74 East Main Street  real estate broker
Frank Britton  84 Lanning Avenue  real estate
French’s Hotel  West Main Street   
Harry F Stewart Agency   188 West Main Street  Real Estate business opened by H. Donald Stewart in 1974 (Stewart Realty)
Holiday Inn  Pennsville Auburn Road  (Dec 1984)
Homan Real Estate, Co.  85 North Virginia Avenue, Established February 1976 Frank Homan  (1980)
J.L. Allen Realty  299 Shell Road  Jackie Allen (1980-86)opened in 1975
Jane A. Williams 21 Delaware Avenue, real estate
Jane E. Williams  59 East Main Street  real estate
Lower Delaware Valley Realty, Inc.  23 West Main Street  AX9-1900; 14 West Main Street (1965) (still there in 1973)
Pepperess Realty Inc.  established in 1954, North Virginia office opened in 1977
Oxford Hotel   Beach and Naylor Avenues. Opened in April 1916 by W.W. Brown
Ralph P. Denny  14 South Broad Street  real estate
Rigg Banco  83 Delaware Avenue  Real Estate & Insurance (Rigg’s RealtyCo.)
W. "Mike" Coffey  116 East Main Street  Realtor
Walter J. Conine  27 West Main Street  real estate
Williams Realtors  21 Delaware Avenue (1980)
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