Diners, Restaurants, Luncheonettes
Andy's Bar and Restaurant   Virginia Avenue. Opened in 1956
Ann's Submarine Shop  106 West Main Street   Josephine Bomba  (Ann's Restaurant) (1941) Changed hands in June 1953
B & B Deliconvenience Food Store  266 Shell Road
Banco’s  Riverside Café  West Main Street  John Banco
Bar-B-Q Pit  North Virginia Avenue (1953)
Betty's "House of Pizza"  225 East main Street (1957)
Bomba's Logwood Inn  Harding Highway at Dupont Road (1957)
Bon Bon  Harding Highway & DuPont Road  Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant  299-5150
Boone Ice Cream Co.   Penn Street (1909)
Brace Harris  40 South Smith Avenue  restaurant
Burpulis’ Restaurant  199 West Main Street, Samuel Burpulis; Costas & Nick Burpulis (1959)
Chocolate Bar  328 North Broad Street,  subs, sandwiches, sundries (1954) Managed by Tom & helen Peak (1957)
Clark's Sanitary Restaurant  Justice Building on Main Street,  James Clark (1916)
Clemente's Bus Terminal & Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge   199 South Virginia Avenue, Albert Clemente.
Cline's Luncheonette  Railroad Avenue, Penns Grove (1951); previously Cowan's  (next to Baldini'd barbershop)
Coneeny’s Luncheonette  293 Shell Road  (1972) Marion Coneeny; sold to Frank Wallace in 1973
Cottage Restaurant  James Clark (1916)
Country Food Express  Route 40
Country Stores  Cherry Street and Railroad Avenue, Pedricktown. Opened in 1976 by John and Robert Lawless. Retail grocery-delicatessen
with sandwiches and pizza. Also a catering firm.   
Dave's Soda Shop  133 Shell Road  Clifford Holeton
Dawson’s Restaurant  14 West Mill Road (Pedricktown)  299-9821
Deepwater Diner  Route 130
Dell's Luncheonette  11 West Pitman Street, Michael DellCompagno 11 East Pitman Street (1952)
DiPaolo’s Italian Restaurant  28 South Broad Street  Albert & Mary DiPaolo and children, Michael and Marieanne.
Don & Marg's Restaurant  South Broad Street, opened August 1968, Don and Marg Whitesall
Drabold’s   West Mill Street – restaurant  (Pedricktown), Russell Drabold  (1934/35)
Driftwood Inn  
Earl F. Cline  3 Railroad Avenue  restaurant
El Castillo Cafe  10 West Main Street, Emanuel Prassinos, owner
Elite Sandwich Co.  149 West Main Street  George W. Sickler; 47 South Broad Street, James P. Lose, proprietor (1928)
Elkinton’s Riverside Café
Evergreen Tea Room and Miniature Golf Course
 East Main Street  Morris Brothers?
Family Inn Restaurant  106 West Main Street.1952-1968; Rocco DiGioacchino
Frank’s Cold Cuts  Broad & Main Streets  owned by Frank & Tom Foti (1960's)
George’s Restaurant   29 South Broad Street  George Madias (1928)
Gerry's  West Main Street  formerly Ann's Restaurant. Opened in June 1953 by Gerry Gallafher
Highway Diner
 South Virginia Avenue  Maylor and Kerful Carter
Holmes’ Restaurant  7 North Broad Street, oysters & fish  (Apr 1917)
Hopkins-Dolly Madison Ice Cream Parlor  163 State Street Thomas B. Hopkins and Lida L. Hopkins
Italian Kitchen Pizzeria  26-28 South Broad Street. Begun in 1970 by Albert and Mary DiPaolo. In 1976 a grocery mart was added in adjoining
Jim's Submarine Shop   56 East Main Street  Jim & Sophia Champias
John’s Restaurant  (1923) John Burpulis
John Burpulis  (Union Corner Store) Broad and Main Streets (1930's)
John L. Smith  15 Willis Avenue  restaurant
Layton Middleton  Shell Road opposite Walker Ave  restaurant
Leslie Wood 54 West Main Street  confectionery (oysters in season) (1920’s)
Logwood Inn   303 Harding Highway Floor show, Ronnie Taylor & his Band.  Bomba family Bomba's Logwood Inn
Lou's Diner
 North Virginia Avenue at Washington
Lucy’s Sub Shop  North Broad Street                        
Manuel's Restaurant  South Broad Street  Emmanuel Prassinos. Since he opened his first store, a small candy shop, he later owned and
operated the restaurant. 40-42 S. Broad and the Goody Shop at 5 South Broad Street. Following his service with the Greek navy during World
War I, he came to Penns Grove in 1919. He started his business in 1920 . Two years later he began making his own brand of chocolates. In
1936 he installed a plant for manufacturing ice cream. The Goody Shop was taken over in 1939.
Marino Pizzeria 1 South Virginia Avenue
Martin V. Black  102 West Main Street  restaurant
Mauney's - Confectionery & Lunch  Shell Road and Walker Avenue (1928)
Mayflower Restaurant  8 West Main Street, operated by Mr and Mrs James Vlahos (1947)
Meadow Brook Farms  Shell Road  restaurant and gas station  
Michael J. Crowley   Shell Road at Fenwick Drive service station and restaurant  
Mickey's Deli  104 North Broad Street  Subs and Groceries.
Mo’ Joe Coffeehouse  275 Shell Road Renee & Sydney Madole (2011)
Moore’s Delicatessen  113 South Broad Street (also groceries)
Morris's Restaurant Morris’s Take Out  Shop  first established in 1915 at 11 Penn Street as Morris’s Restaurant by Hamilton Morris. They
remained there until 1917 when Cooper Sparks purchased the business and moved it into the old Odd Fellows Building. Two years later the
business moved to the Wilbur Sparks Building on West Main Street and remained there for two more years. During the Depression years from
1921 through 1928, the restaurant temporarily went out of business and the owners moved to Somers Point. They reestablished the business in
1928 on West Main Street and remained there for one year. In 1929, they moved into the Globe Theatre and George J. Morris, Hamilton’s son,
bought the business. A year later he moved the business to 4 North Broad Street. J. Harry Morris ,Hamilton’s grandson, took over the business
in 1944. He operated it for 30 years, until it was taken over in 1974 by George and Marlene Morris. (
Morris’s Take Out  Shop)
New York Restaurant   73 South Broad Street  George M. Mike and Steve Madias (1940's)
Newtown Restaurant  West Main Street Aldo "Butch" Funari, proprietor. Opened in October 1952; specializing in Italian food.
Olympia Diner  Route 40 (Olympia Dairy Bar 1959)
Paris Café  John Burpulis  Broad and Main Streets
Patty’s Pantry   Main Street (next to Marie’s Lounge) – breakfast & luncheonette  Marie & John Hill
Pelura's Spaghetti House  East Main Street, Rose Pelura
Penns Grove Diner  8 South Virginia Avenue  Reuben Rosen
Penns Grove Lunch  22 South Broad Street  
Plaza Restaurant  Mr. Rady, proprietor (Apr 1917)
Post Office Café and Restaurant  25 South Broad Street, “The Only sanitary and First Class Place for Food Stuff”; George Hill, general
manager; telephone 98 (Apr 1917)
Ritchie’s Pizzeria  West Main Street established 1945 Ricardo (Ritchie) Calandra  later moved to Delaware Ave.
Roman Pantry  Harding Highway started in 1974
Ryan & DJ’s Grand Stand  South Virginia Avenue  (site of Highway Diner) Barbara A. Dixon
S.R. Bowen’s  North Broad Street  confectionery
Sabor Latino  169 State Street  Mexican restaurant  Laura Rodriguez and Nicholas Gutierrez (2011)
Sam's Cold Cuts  Shell Road (1966); East Main Street (1968)
Sam's Kandy Kitchen  106 1/2 West Main Street (1934)  homemade candies and sundaes. Thursday Spaghetti dinners
Schroeder’s Luncheonette  123 South Broad Street
Shanghai Gardens Chinese Restaurant  24 South  Broad Street  Leung Sing
Slugger’s Soda Fountain  Shell Road; Layton Middletonowner
Sparks’ Restaurant  West Main Street opposite Franklin Opened in July 1915 by Everett Sparks;  Cooper & Clara Sparks; by May 1916 Harry
Kille and John Corson
Spyros Pizzeria  328 Shell Road  
Sweet Shoppe   5 South Broad Street  teenage hot spot.  L.G. Livesay & Charles Rogan
Sweet Times  12 South Broad Street  ice cream shop  Jennifer L. and Anthony M Dillard, Sr.
Talk of the Town    North Virginia Avenue  Opened, March 5,1949. with Curb service, Lunch, dancing. manager Elaine Tiedman
Tastee-freez  South Virginia Avenue opened November 1968
Tessie’s Sweet Shop  70 South Broad Street (1976)
Tony's Pizzeria  77 South Broad Street. started in 1962 under the ownership of Tony Leuzzi. Purchased in 1968 by Benito and Pat Criniti.
Town Restaurant  8 West Main Street George Kordis; Aldo "Butch" Funari (1952)
Trader’s Trading Post & Restaurant  South Dupont Road opposite Dixie Drive  Maurice Trader
Victory Diner  4 North Broad Street established in 1955 by  Diamond & Minnie Sikoutris. After Mr. Sikoutris' death it was managed by Minnie  
and their son Mike. In November of 1978, the diner changed hands and re-opened under the management of Barbara and George Klimis
Victory Diner
Washington Club  East Griffith Street and North Virginia Avenue
Weinstock's Light Lunch  2 East Maple Avenue (1940's) take out subs
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