Grocery Stores, Dairy, Bakery, Produce
A & P   opened on East Harmony Street in March 1938; relocated to 71 East Main Street after being destroyed by a fire - chain supermarket  
Acme   35 North Broad Street before it burned down and relocated to 45 East Main Street
Angelina’s  Lanning Avenue  Angelina Gambino
Angelo Prassinos  10 South Broad Street  grocery
Anthony Lombardo  54 North Broad Street  grocer
Anthony G. Lombardo  43 West Griffith Street  grocer
Antonio Caputo  35 Walnut Street  confectionery
Atlantic Meat Market  346 Main Street  (Apr 1917)
B & B Deliconvenience Food Store  266 Shell Road (1980)
B.C. Turner Dairies
Bailey’s Poultry
 Shell Road and Division Street  Blanche and Pierson (Pip) Bailey
Banco’s Grocery Store  55 Walnut Street (Banco Brothers  1934/35)
Ben’s Market  120 West Main Street  grocery, Benjamin Spreckles
Bessie Finerosky  51 South Broad Street grocery store
Blanche Henry  81 Beach Avenue  grocery
Blue Diamond   18 North Virginia Avenue  Meat Packing Co. (July 1985)
The Boston Creamery  19 South Broad Street  Delicatessen, butter, cheese, eggs,groceries, teas and coffees
Bowen’s Ice Cream and Candies  North Broad Street (April 1917)
The Broad Home of Sweets  40-42 South Broad Street  homemade candies and ice cream  (1928,1937)
C. Bailey  89 Penn Street  retail poultry and egg business
Campagnoni’s Italian Bakery   74 Walnut Street, Vincent Priolo, proprietor   Bread, rolls, pizza original owner was Valerio Campagnoni
Canter and Ginnsberg  Grocery Store 346 Main Street (June 1916)
Clifford Dawson  131 South Broad Street  confectionery
Community Store  164 Division Street, 299-0140  originally operated by a group of local residents, the business was purchased in 1932 by Anthony
Travaglini, meats and dry goods (
Carney's Point Community Store)Purchased in 1954 by Alfred Woldoff who ran store until its closing in 1986.
Country Stores  Cherry Street and Railroad Avenue, Pedricktown. Opened in 1976 by John and Robert Lawless. Retail grocery-delicatessen with
sandwiches and pizza. Also a catering firm.
The Crest Confectionery  16 West Main Street (1928)
Cumberland Farms  272 Shell Road  (original location) 321 Shell Road
Cutlark's Grocery Store Hollywood Avenue
DeLucia Market  45 West Pitman Street started 1916, Thomas DeLucia
Dolbow’s Meat Market  21 West Main Street  butcher shop, Gideon C. Dolbow  (1916) (Dolbow and Sons)
Dwight Hawkins   113 South Broad Street Butcher, opened his own meat market in 1925  (1941,1949)
E.S. Cunard Co., Inc.  (Pedricktown)  wholesale produce
E. Wallace   Broad Street and Railroad Avenue, fine groceries, fruits & vegetables  (Apr 1917)
The Elite Sandwich Co.  West Main Street, 47 South Broad Street, packaged crackers, cookies, snacks; Jimmy Loos
Ellsworth Krauss  48 Airy Avenue  grocery
Emanuel Prassinos  199 South Broad Street  confectionery (199 West Main Street?)
Emo Silvestri  butchershop in same building as Rena’s Bakery
Ernest Grocery (1928),  64-68  East Main Street  Ernest Taskari
F.W. Hoffman  71 Beach Avenue  grocery
Food Fair  North Virginia Avenue at Main Street  (closed in 1979?)  (also Pantry Pride)
Frank J. Baccalo  12 Walnut Street  grocery
Frank Phillips  15 North Broad Street  confectionery
Frank Scott's Soft Drink Establishment  South Broad Street near Maple Avenue (June 1916)
Frank Simola  223 East Main Street  grocery (also Rose Simola)
Friendship Market  North Broad Street operated by Tommy Pedrick a UPN police officer and Police Chief
G.C. Dolbow & Bro.  Fresh & salt meats, groceries, fruits and vegetables (1924)
Gessler’s Market  Frank Gessler originally opened his business on North Broad at Union Street  around 1954 (previous occupant was Orlusky's).
Moved to 113 South Broad Street around 1962.
Glenside Dairy  Hook Road
The Goody Shop (see Manuel’s Restaurant)
Grove Market  72 North Broad Street Amelio Sylvester, grocery manager
H. Kessler  Cherry Street (Pedricktown)  produce dealer
H.S. Justice  (Pedricktown) wholesale produce
H.W. Kirsch  Shell Road  Groceries, fruits, vegetables, butter, eggs and poultry
Harold S. Huber   Mill Street (Pedricktown)  produce dealer
Hawkins Grocery  27 South Broad Street
Henry I  81 Beach Avenue  grocery
Hit The Spot Donuts  Barber Avenue and East Griffith Street, Harry Franceschini
Howard Holiday  1 Woods Avenue; grocery store
Hugh's Fish Market   41 East Griffith Street (1950)
I & H Market  36-38 South Broad Street (1934) formerly the Penn Market
 North Virginia Avenue at Main Street  owned by Joseph and Joe Mazzochi (1980)
Incollingo's Family Market  Virginia Avenue  Grocery store
Italian Kitchen  28-32 South Broad Street convenience store
J. H. Long Meats & Groceries  Southwest corner of Harmony & Penn Streets. The business has interesting history. It was started in l888 by J.P.
Riggins. The store continued under him until 1907 when it was purchased by Mr. Long and .Harrison W. Holton as partners. Mr. Long took over in
1926. The store was burned in the great fire March 1,1932 and rebuilt in 1935. (
Jerry H. Long) (Henry Barber Store Building)
James M. Maxwell   200 North Shore  Grocery
Jerry's Market  45 Cumberland Avenue  groceries and meats, Jerry Loguinato and Mary H. Petrone
Jerry’s Market  50 Walnut Street self service, quality meats groceries, fruits vegetables  AX9-1503
Jersey's Best Milk Co.  9 East Pitman Street Established in 1924, Milk was delivered by horse drawn wagon until 1939, when it was delivered by
truck that had 4 routes.  New Jersey Milk was a 100% Salem County industry. Salem County Cows produced all milk distributed by the company. The
firm was incorporated in 1925 and began operations in 1926 from its completely modern plant, which featured the first pasteurization equipment in the
county. J. Landis Strickler was the founder and president.  Always striving to be a leader in its field, the company  introduced homogenized milk to the
county in 1938. In addition, all milk handled had always been fully laboratory-controlled and company employed a full time bacteriologist.
John Burk’s Son  (Pedricktown) (1914)  wholesale produce dealer
John Delloso  71 Walnut Street  grocery
John G. Fortino  15 West Griffith Street  poultry dealer
Jordan’s Farm Market    Route 40  produce, Christmas trees
Joseph George  136 Shell Road  grocery
Joseph Travaglini Grocery  12 Walnut Street
Kille & Layton   Main Street (1887)  manufacture of mince meat
Kirsch Candy Store Shell Road & Georgetown Road (location of Lou’s Sunoco today)
Kotlark's Grocery Store Hollywood Avenue, Stanley and Clara, owners
Kuhl’s Deli  111 North Broad Street  This location was originally owned by Mr. Orlusky until it was purchased by Frank Gessler around 1954 (see
Gessler's Market). Around 1962 Gessler's moved to South Broad Street and the business was bought by John Hyde. Alfred Kuhl purchased the
business next and after his death, it was taken over by his son, Tommy Kuhl.
Lapp’s Dutch Market  23 North Virginia Avenue  opened in summer of 1983
Long & Holton  General store (see J.H. Long Meats and Groceries)
Lucchesi's Grocery Store  104 North Broad Street Also made subs  & pizza. Rudy Lucchesi; Emily Lucchesi
Madison Holloway  25 South Virginia Ave  grocer
Marcus Candy Store and Soda Shop   
Marine Sea Food Market  53 South Broad Street (1933)
Matthew Mitchell Sr.  Northeast corner Broad and Main Streets  farm produce market and butcher; sold in early 1916 to Claude Ward
Melita's Farm Market   North Virginia Avenue  Started in 1957 as a small wagon on Virginia Avenue selling tomatoes. Brothers, Tony and Tom Melita
worked on their parents 190 acre farm while growing up and later became the owners of the property. From the initial sales using a small wagon, they
grew to construct a large produce stand where they sold fruits and vegetables they raised. Starting in 1959 they also had a small sideline business
selling Christmas trees.
Melcher's Grocery  South  Golfview Avenue & Hickory Avenue
Mickey's Deli  104 North Broad Street  Subs and Groceries.
Mike Parno's Grocery Friendship Market   later operated by Tommy Pedrick a UPN police officer and Police Chief
Miller's General Store  150 Shell Road - groceries, meats, notions, Howard D. Miller, proprietor
Montagnoli  Grocery store on Mill Street, Peter Montagnoli; purchased by Canito and Giovanni Clemente by January 1916.
Moore’s 27 South Broad Street
Moore’s Delicatessen  113 South Broad Street (1980)
New Jersey Milk Products Co. Inc.   see Jersey's Best Milk Co
Nick Campagnoni  71 Walnut Street grocer  Nicholas Campagnoni (1941)
Nick Tsakiris  66 East Main Street  grocery
Nipe’s Dairy  (Pedricktown)
Nocon's Grocery Store   96 Railroad Avenue  Est. 1917. (motto -  The Complete Store)  John Nocon
Ole Country Deli  27 Main Street Auburn  (June 1983)
Orlusky's   111 North Broad Street small grocery store; Albert J. Orlusky (sold around 1954 to Frank Gessler)
Pagano's Grocery Store    Shell Road   Frank F. and Rose Pagano
Palace of Sweets  24 South Broad Street  Confectionery and Ice Cream Parlor (1923)
Patty’s Pantry   Main Street (next to Marie’s Lounge) – breakfast & luncheonette  Marie & John Hill
Pearce's Pastry Shop  7 Railroad Avenue  bakery, David E. Pearce  65 South Broad Street (1954;1965)   299-1697
Pedricktown Auction Block, Inc.  
Penns Grove Beef Co.  27 South Broad Street was owned by Norman Wilson, butcher shop (26 South Broad – 1973)
Penns Grove Market  27 South Broad Street (1959)
Pete's Fish Market  East Main Street
Peter Varvis  27 East Main Street  grocery
Pfeffer’s Market  297 Shell Road
Prioli Bakery 74 Walnut Street, Vincent Priolo ; John Domenico (1996)
Quaker Food Center  North Broad Street and Del-A-Vue Avenue
Quatrini's Market 109 East  Main Street; John and Minnie Quatrini
R & H Quality Market  26 South Broad Street, Harrison Pfeffer,manager; groceries and meats; 27 South Broad Street (1940's)
Reid's  Shell Road opposite Post Office  Meats and groceries, free delivery
Rena's  Home Bakery 74 North Broad Street was established in May,1938, by John Macconi, who had  operated a bakery in R. I. for 7 yrs. M.
Zeebooker and others had been bakers there since boom days. Under Mr. Macconi's guidance the business grew to such an extent that three delivery
trucks were needed to serve the demands of the bakery's demands of customers some of whom were as far away as Paulsboro and Bridgeton.
Roberts’ Meats   7 Sack Avenue  Harrison M. Pfeffer, distributor
Rocha and Delprete 105 Poplar Street. Groceries, Meats, Fruits and Vegetables, Domingos L. Rocha, Guerino DelPrete and Torino R. DelPrete
Rocco DiGioacchino  57 West Pitman Street  grocer
Rocco DiGioacchino  62 West Pitman Street, bakery
Romanov Cavier Canning Company  Harry A. Dolbow (1915) Railroad Avenue
Roork's Grocery Store   231 Shell Road  Lewis E. Roork  (L.E. Roork - 1949)
S.M. Hunt   Harmony and Franklin Streets  Grocery
S.R. Bowen's Confectionary  North Broad Street
S.R. Leap & Son    Sterling Groceries, coffee & teas; carpets,furniture,notions,dry goods  (Apr 1917)
Samuel C. Shultz   364 Harmony Street  dairy products
Samuel Gambino   87 Lanning Avenue  grocery
Santucci's  300 North Broad Street Grocery Store & Subs
South Broad Grocery  24 South Broad Street  1921 Peter Varvis, Angelo Prassinos and George Jamen  (1941); 30 South Broad Street (1928)
Stagg's Confectionery Store  123 South Broad Street  Vernetta C. Stagg
Sterling Davis Dairy   9 East Pitman Street (see Jersey's Best Milk Co.
Steven Diamond
 60 Railroad Avenue  grocer (1934/35)
Stop N Shop Deli  169 State Street (1980)
Summerill’s Market  26 South Broad Street
Sunkist Market   18 West Main Street  (1928)  Fruit, nuts, fish, oysters, clams
Sweeten’s Store   Railroad Avenue and Mill Street (1891)(Pedricktown)  original store opened in 1860 in Center Square. Moved to Pedricktown in
1870. James Sweeten
Thomas E. Hunt  dealer in Fish and Game
Tighe’s Dairy  (Pedricktown)
Tony’s Pizzeria and Seafood   South Broad Street  (1980)
Traini's Grocery Store    83 Penn Street   Antonio Traini   He opened in 1933 with an extensively  remodeled store.  
Trout's Candy Shop  25 South Broad Street  Mr. Peanut and cast iron peanut roaster out front. Walter C. Trout
Truman B. Rinnier  94 East Main Street  confectionery
Valerio Campagnoni Italian Bakery 74 Walnut Street (Campagnoni’s)
Vermont Heritage Spring Water Co.   257 Shell Road  
Village Market  136 Shell Road  grocery
Walt Whitman Store  51 South Broad Street  grocery
Walter J. Conine  Main Street near Broad  Fine Fruits, produce, groceries
William Burk    Railroad Avenue (Pedricktown)  produce dealer
William E. Jones  57 Beach Avenue  grocer
William G. Rowe  203 East Main Street  confectionery
William W. Hughes  100 East Griffith Street  grocery
Williamson’s Food Market  self service – groceries, meats, frozen foods. Established in 1896 (Pedricktown)
Woldoff's Grocery   27 North Broad Street  Howard Woldoff (Woldoff’s Food Market)
Wyllie & Yarker  40 Maple Avenue at railroad crossing; ice cream, confectionery and cigars; telephone 263-W  (Apr 1917)
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