General Merchandise
Clothing, Jewelers, Shoes
A & J Dress Shop  13 John Street, John Ricco - Manufacturer of ladies dresses
Alsan’s Shoe Store  19 South Broad Street
Anfred  8 South Broad  infant’s and children’s apparel
Anna Belle Fenton  Patent medicines, newspapers, candies, greeting cards, ice cream  (1940's)
Arlie King Jewelers  Broad Street  (1966)
Army and Navy Store 71 South  Broad Street
B. Bress & Son   Women’s, Children’s & Infant’s wear
Baevsky's Infant Shop  21 South Broad Street  children and infants clothing  Michael Baevsky
Ballow Shoes  27 South Broad Street  Rubin Ballow, owner
The Bazaar  63 Main Street, Ladies’ Children’s and Infant’s garments (April 1917)
Best Shoe Store  Broad Street (1915)
Bowens Variety Store  20 West Main Street Variety Store  Warren P. Bowen
Brown's Jewelers established at 85 South Broad Street by Leon Brown in November 1937. Moved to  23 South Broad Street in October 1939.
watches, diamonds, silver, gifts - jewelry and watch repair, Maurice Brown (29 South Broad Street)
Chait’s  62 South Broad Street  5 ¢ 10¢ 25¢ Store  (April 1917)
Chas. Charlap's  Sons Men's Store 8 South Broad Street moved to the new Perlmutter Building at 35 South Broad Street after l8 years (Sidney
and Clarence Charlap); 62 South Broad Street (1959)
Charlie Jarvis  133 North Broad Street in the Tony Marcus Building. Moved to 187 West Main Street.   Shoe Repair.  
Clark’s Dry Goods and Gents Furnishings   Shell Road  William J. Clark and Theresa M. Boeck (1920’s)
Cook's General Store  Broad and Main Streets, Lewis Cook (1915) (L.W. Cook's General Store)
Corset Studio & Specialty Shop   17 South Broad Street
Cove Store  Maple Avenue, Summerill brothers
Cy's Shoes  12West Main Street (formerly Rinda’s) Cy Margerum 299-0034
David Lipkin Dry Goods 108 West Main Street  (1941)
Doc's Toggery - For Men & Boys  28 South Broad Street (1928)
Dottie’s Dress Shop  179 West Main Street  (1965)
Dumoff's  Drygoods  , West Main Street, 58 South Broad Street  Ship & shore blouses, sewing material and notions, etc. women’s and children’s
clothing (
DuPont  Dept. Store), Founded by David Dumoff in 1916 the business was originally located on West Main Street (where the Masonic
Temple was later built). Around 1920 the business began to grow and was moved to the South Broad Street location and was called the DuPont
Store. In 1942 David's daughters, Sadie & Frances, took over the business and the name was changed back to Dumoff's. In March 1946, a fire on
South Broad Street destroyed part of their building which put them out of business for eight months. They reopened on December 1, 1946. Slowly
the phased out the men and boys clothing lines and sold only women's and children's clothing.  
E.W. Martin  South Broad Street and Maple Avenue  general merchandise
Edwards Gift Shop   30-32 West Main Street  
Emma Bowers  98 North Broad Street  dressmaker
Emma Sample Dress Shop  69 South Broad Street, Emma Rosenberg
Endicott Johnson 19 South Broad Street  Shoe shop Paul Dean, manager. Also a store in Salem
The ETC Shop   1 East Mill Street (Pedricktown) Rae and Charles Walzer (1978 to present) (originally Sweeten's Store)
F.W. Woolworth  16 South Broad Street  Opened september 1938 Managed by Walter J. Smith until his retirement (probably early 1950's). When
he left Woolworth's, he bought the gift shop at 30 W. Main (later Edwards Gift Shop). Around 1959, he sold the store to Moni Edwards and moved
to the Poconos.
Factory Outlet Shoe Store  45 South  Broad Street Shoes  first established on August 23, 1946 by Lester and Helen Weinstein.
Factory Outlet Dress Shop 130 West Main Street
The Fashion Shop 22 South Broad Street  Ladies Apparel. Opened 1935. Joseph Guggenheim, manager
Fortunato Pepperess  44 South Broad Street, shoe repair
Gerry's Bargain House  100 East Main Street  Gerald Schnell (see Jerry’s Bargain Store)
Gert's Dress Shop   69 South Broad Street
Glassman Bros. 30 South Broad Street   Mens Clothing. Charles & Albert Glassman, Proprietors. opened in 1924
Goldberg's Department Store  108 West Main Street, Benjamin Goldberg
Harry Linsk and Co.  East Harmony Street and Barber Avenue  clothing manufacturer; Harry Linsk
Heart Felt Designs Country Shop  24 South Railroad Avenue (Pedricktown) Bill & Helen Keating (established 1984)
The Hub  South Broad Street (Schultz Building)
Hurley’s  22 South Broad Street (1940) Men’s clothing
n Nonnie's Attic  201 North Virginia Avenue Collectibles and Decor
Irv’s Outlet  143 West Main Street, Irv Weiss;  opened 14 January 1978
J. C. Reckless  Pool Room  and Cigar Store, Penn Street  opened 1915
J.U. Layton  General merchandise (1906)
Jack & Jill Shoeland  18 West Main Street  N.A. Pepperess
Jack Schultz  54 South Broad Street  Men’s & Boy’s outfitters; W.L. Douglas & Flauheim’s shoes (Apr 1917)
James Sweeton, Jr.  Broad Street & Main Street  (northeast corner)  general store
Jerry's Bargain Store  100 East Main Street  (originally Gerry's Bargain House)
Joseph Maugeri  84 West Pitman Street  shoe repair
Joseph W. Simpkins  34 Franklin Street  Notions, dry goods, groceries
Josephine W.  Hunt  20 West Main Street (1927), millinery, clothing, personal necessities
Julia Durr Dress's and Hats  22 West Main Street
Just for You  19 South Broad Street  Cards, candy, gifts, balloons (1999)
Kath Reinfried  43 Griffith Street  dressmaker
Kay T Dress Co.  130 West Main Street  clothing manufacturer Katie Wolf, manager
Kenton's Dress Shop  40 & 42 South Broad Street  Women's clothing, Mildred Colontuno, manager
Kleer-Vue Hosiery Mill  Hollywood Avenue started about 1942 Michael Cettei, President
Larr- Bett’s Gift Shop  12 South Broad Street, Lawrence R. Clements and Bette Mae Clements (1960's)
Laura B. Pebley  5 Railroad Avenue  dressmaker
Layton’s Cigar Co.  5 Penn Street, Fletcher Layton
Layton’s Tobacco Shop  West Main Street
Leap's Jewelry  Jewelry Store, Preston A. Leap. Begun in September 1949 at 83 South Broad Street. Moved to corner of Broad and Main Streets
in 1952. Moved to 35 South Broad Street in 1972.
Leon Sheppard  83 South Broad Street, Men's clothing
Levit's General Supply  East  Main Street
The Linen Shop  7 Railroad Ave  August Stalcup
Lipkin’s Dept. Store  general clothing store
Long & Holton  general merchandise  (1923)
M.D. Poland  94 Main Street (and 503 Market Street,Wilmington, DE) watches, clocks, jewelry repair; full line of Gent’s furnishings  (April 1917)
M.H. Clair  Franklin and Harmony Streets  general merchandise (1922)
Mable Pietro  34 Elvin Avenue  dressmaker
Main Five & Ten  52 East Main Street, Harry Slotkin
Marie's Dress Shop   179 West Main Street, Marie Fonto
Marty Sloan’s  23 South Broad Street Men's Store - high school sweaters and sweetheart sweaters.        299-1654
Mary M. Firestone  37 Delaware Avenue  dressmaker                                                
May Store 8 South Broad Street    Ladies hosiery, lingerie and house dresses. replaced the Charlap's Men's Store. Evelyn Burley, manager.
Mike's   21 South  Broad Street Infant Shop – layettes - toys  (Baevsky’s)
Modern Miss  Broad and Main Streets (replaced Wynette’s) (1966)
Morgan Millinery Shop  17 Penn Street (1910’s)  Bess Morgan
New York Shoe Service   6 South Broad Street;  In 1957 Stefan Kulpa took over the business that had been New York Shoe Shop and Hat
. The business was later moved to 91 South Broad Street.
New York Shoe Shop and Hat Blocking  6 South Broad Street  Nick Frankos, proprietor
Paris Shoe Repair Shop  18 West Main Street, Anthony Pepperess
Paul's Store  47 South Broad Street Infant and Childrens Apparel
Penns Grove Army & Navy Store  71 South Broad Street  Helen Goldglantz
Penns Grove Art Shop    East Main Street (1926) art supplies, Josephine and Walter A. Hunt
Penns Grove General Sales  10 South Broad Street – Sporting goods, paints, housewares & toys  Ernest M. D'Amato and Samuel Rudinoff
The Penns Grove Manufacturing Co.  (1908)  Shirt manufacture  T.E. Hunt, manager
Peoples Shoe Store  Opened August 1916 Thomas Benner, manager
People’s Variety Store  10-12 South Broad Street (1923), Herman M. Chait
Pepperess Shoe Service  18 ½ West Main Street
Pepperess Shoe Service  21 West Main Street
Petite Shop   35 South Broad Street  Infant and baby shop managed at one time by Pat Dalbow; Walter J. Conine and  Ida C. Dolbow; Blanche
Poland’s Department Store  corner of Broad and Main Streets established in business in 1915 by Jule Poland
Poland’s Jewelry Store East Main and Broad Streets (Poland’s Jewelers)
Poulson  shoemaker shop   
Rebecca Diver  millinery store
The Regal Shop  151 West Main Street,  Men’s outfitter
The Reliable Cut-Price Store  108 West Main Street (1922)  D. Lipkin general merchandiser of clothing
The Right Price Store  Shell Road and Walker Avenue; M. Applestein and A. Kaplan, Men’s & Boy’s outfitter  (April 1917)
Rinda's 12 West Main Street  Shoe Store. Mr. Rinda was once Mayor; 390 Main Street (April 1917) established in 1915 (later became Cy’s Shoes)
Riverview General Store  Shell Road (April 1917)
Ronnie Dress Company  130-132 West Main Street Louis Wolfe  manufacturer of women’s wear
Rudinoff’s Variety Store
S.R. Leap & Son, Inc.
 200 West Main Street house furnishings, groceries, dry goods and notions (April 1917)
S.R. Leap Men's Store   West Main Street - One Square from the ferry.
Sam Procopio  122 West Main Street  shoe repair
Samuel Lusenko  96 West Main Street  shoe repair
Sheppard's 89 South Broad Street  Ladies Apparel
The Shoe Box  9 Railroad Avenue, Betty D.Amato, manager
Sweeten’s  Mill Street and Railroad Avenue (Pedricktown) established in 1870 in Center Square by James Sweeten.
Tony Pepperes  19 West Main Street (1934)  Shoe repair and shoe shine stand, previously at 5 ½ West Main Street
Toy's Jewelry  24 West Main Street  D. Morse Booth.  Thomas Toy Jewelers  (1949)
V. Tranquilli  135 South Broad Street, Practical Shoemaker, Boot Black  (April 1917)
Violet McGowan  118 West Main Street  dress shop
W.S. Leap   West Main and Penn Streets  quality men’s wear,  building erected in 1876 by David D. Leap
Wasman and Hornbitz (1916) 254 Main Street; gentlemen's furnishings
Wellworth 5 c. 10c. & Department Store, Inc.  3 West Main Street  (1932) general merchandise
William Toy  3 South Broad Street  jeweler  (1921)
Wynett Shop  North  Broad Street (closed by 1966)
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