Dry Cleaners, Laundromats,
Tailors, Dressmakers
Andy’s Suds Yer Duds  300 Shell Road  Andy Merendino
Antonio Clemente  46 South Broad Street -  Tailor shop (1934/35)
Broad St. Cleaners   75 South Broad Street established in 1955  
Chinese Laundry   17 North Broad Street   (Mark – Sam)
Crystal Laundry  7 South Broad Street
Emanuel Raymond  204 East Main Street; Tailor
Frank’s Cleaners   East  Main Street
Frank Picchi  98 West Main Street  cleaners and tailor (Frank’s Tailor Shop)
Gleason Pebley  10 South Broad Street  tailor(1928);  Pebley’s- Cleaners and Dyers (plant on Mary Street)
Highlander Center  South Broad Street, laundromat
Hood's Cleaners   54 East Main Street,  North  Broad Street   Frank Hood (1954); 17 South Broad Street (1941, 1949)
Hood's Cleaners  55 East Main Street
Ideal Tailor Shop  175 West Mani Street  (April 1917)
John W. Lawless  6 West Griffith Street    Dry Cleaners
Laundromat   81 South Broad Street, George L. Smalley, self serve laundry
Mark Brothers  (February 1916) Only laundry in Carneys Point. Good picked up and delivered. Main office in Camp No. 2 with branch on Shell
Road opposite Walker Avenue.
Menz Bro. Rug Cleaning   85 South Broad Street
Menz Bros. Sanitone Cleaners  154 East Main Street  cleaners; 20 West Main Street
Penns Grove Cleaners  1 Mitchell Avenue
Quality Dry Cleaners   37 East Main Street, Lawrence Carter owner  AX9-1807    (1959)    
Raymond's Cleaners & Tailors  204 East Main Street  Est. 1936 (1959)
Samuel Bros.  77 North Broad Street; Cleaners and Launderers 299-1204 (1965)
Semple's Cleaners 148 Shell Road, William J. Semple  299-1008  
Spero the Tailor  21 West Main Street  tailor, dry cleaning established 1916
Spero's Tailor Shop  37 North Broad Street Liacouris Spero  tailor  (also Anthony Spero)
Sye’s  75 South Broad Street  Dry cleaner  299-9772  (1966)
Weisel  312 Main Street, tailor, cleaning and pressing  (April 1917)
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