Andy's Barber Shop   8 North Broad Street -  Andy Colantuna, Proprietor
Antonio Pietro 124 West Main Street  barbershop
Baldini Bros.   1 Railroad Avenue -  Barbershop  Anthony L. Baldini and Frank Baldini (Baldini’s Barber Shop)
Caleb E. Witt  183 West Main Street  barbershop
Carlo D.Amato  4 West Main Street  barbershop
Deluxe Barber Shop  3 North Broad Street, Frank Leone (1952)
Ernest’s Barber Shop East Main Street,  located in The Pelura Building
Ernie’s Barber Shop  32 East Main Street
Fletcher Forman  68 1/2 Walnut Street  Barbershop
Frank’s Barbershop  13 East Main Street, Frank Leone, “4 barbers, no waiting’ (1965);  3 North Broad Street  
Fred’s Barber Shop  112 West Main Street
Fred DiPietro  West Main Street; later on Railroad Avenue
Globe  West Main Street  Barber Shop
Grova's Barber Shop  48 South Broad Street, Samuel Grova
Guy Simonelli  34 West Pitman Street  barbershop
Jim Wygand  38 Penn Street  barbershop
John’s Barber Shop  23 South Broad Street  (Apr 1917)
Jule Santucci  300 North Broad Street
Michael Parlapiano  98 1/2 Railroad Avenue  barbershop
Modern Barber Shop  Frank Soria and Carl D'Amato (1940's)
Oliver's Barber Shop 241 Shell Road  Romeo N. Oliver
Pearlman’s  65 Main Street, Four barbers (Apr 1917)
Pedricktown Barber Shop  John Lohmeyer  (Pedricktown)
Sanitary Barber Shop  150 Shell Road (1949)
Tonsorial Parlor  304 Main Street, Anthony Mach; Five barbers, telephone 411J (Apr 1917)
Vic's Barber Shop 150 Shell Road  Victor Ferzetti
William M. Davis  124 West Main Street (1934/35)
William S.Yeager  (1916) West Main Street after 40 years sold to Mr. Andrews
Willie Gear  41 South Smith Avenue  barbershop
Beauty Shops
Ann Data’s Beauty Salon  (1965)
Anna Phillips  14 South Smith Avenue  beauty shop
Anne Green's Beauty  Shop  266 North Virginia Avenue
Bertha Bartlett  Manicure and shampoo parlor on Franklin Street, opened September 1915
Bertha  C. Richards   49 South Broad Street -  Beautician (1941,1949)
Betty Myers  162 West Main Street  beauty shop
Beulah P. Adamson  125 State Street, beauty shop
Blu Salon and Spa  70 West Main Street Michelle Cobb (previously 275 Shell Road)
Carol Jean’s Beauty Shop  32 Naylor Avenue   Carol Jean D’Amato DeVault
DeMerVal Beauty Salon 328 Shell Road later became HeadsUp and moved to North Virginia Avenue, Carol DeVault, Mena Meredino and Val
Massari Villanova
Dottie’s Beauty Shoppe  35 West Main Street
Elsie Mae Beauty Parlor  18 1/2 West Main Street  beauty shop  Elsie M. Smeick
Flora's Beauty Salon & Boutique   201 West Main Street Flora Banco (1967)
Gold Finch Beauty Salon & Gift Boutique  Central School Road, Marie Finch,proprietor (1968)
Head’s Up  201 North Virginia Avenue (1974) (formerly DeMerVal)
Head Quarters Salon  330 North Virginia Avenue  Angela Mistichelli Clemente
Ida C. Phillips  30 West Main Street  (1941)
Liz's Beauty Shop  West Main Street
Louise Beauty Shoppe  6 Cumberland Avenue
Louise Federica  South Virginia Avenue at  Willis Avenue  beauty shop
M’Lady Coiffeurs  Corner of Delaware Avenue & West Main Street (1973)
Mahoney’s Beauty Shop  3 Marsden Avenue  beauty shop Sadie E. Mahoney  
Mamie Heinbaugh  37 East Main Street, beauty shop
Mamie's Beauty Shop  owned and operated by Mamie Pickering Carter
Margaret Vick  22 Westminster Avenue  beauty shop
Maria’s Beauty Salon  12 Walnut Street (1961)
Marie and Larry’s Beauty Salon  279 Shell Road, 299-4322 (1972)
Mary's   Virginia Avenue  hairdresser        
May Grove Beauty Parlor  77 West Main Street  beauty shop  Ida Ziennker   
Minnie's Beauty Shop  92 1/2 East Main Street  (1948)                                                                                                   
Nell's Beauty Shop  35 West Main Street
Pat’s Beauty Salon  54 East Main Street 299-1100 (1970)
Pat's Beauty Studio  19 Church Street    Beulah P. “Pat” Adamson  beauty shop (1959)
Phillips Richards Beauty Shop  34 West Main Street; 47 South Broad Street, North Broad and DelAVue Avenue (1948)Ida C. Phillips and Bertha
Reflexions Styling Studio  Pedricktown (June/Dec 1986)
Ruth Hampson Beauty Salon   5 West Main Street Hairdresser (1959,1970)
Sharon's Beauty Salon  9 Shell Road (1968) Sharon Durr
Skip's   234 North Virginia Avenue  Hair Dresser  
Smart Set Beauty Salon  41 South Virginia Avenue  299-1197 (1965)
Towne Beauty Salon  (Pedricktown) Larry Lohmeyer
Violet Badalato  45 Walnut Street  beauty shop
Violet's Beauty Salon  Violet T. Baldini (nee' Badalato), started in 1939
Yvonne Beauty Shop  120 Lanning Avenue  A. Queen West
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