The Good Ole’ Days
                                                                                     Chapter 5:  “SA-JA-RE SCOOPS”
                                                                  Saturday Night means Sa-Ja-Re At The Community “Y”
                                                                                                         by Neil Clement

                                                             “This is woman’s highest end; to others’ service all her powers to bend.”
                                                                          Sophocles, OEDIPUS THE KING, 1,314 CIRCA 409 BC

The above quotation is paraphrased from male gender to female to fit Mrs. Henry Saletra.  She came to mind when Judy and I were reading a column from a
March 28, 1946 copy of the Penns Grove Record.

Louis Mason, a great staff member in the Clement School nursery, gave us the 44-year-old, faded newspaper because I like the old days.  As we read through
it, we laughed and reminisced; then, we saw the column titled, “SA-JA-RE SCOOPS.”

Mrs. Saletra is in the picture between the two windows.  Why not have a look and read the column now, and then finish reading the chapter afterwards?  It’ll be
more fun.

Sa-Ja-Re Scoops

“I’m always chasin’ rainbows,” thought us when we saw Tina Parno, swinging around in her orange plaid skirt.  Whew! Made us dizzy, just watchin'.’

Renee and Bobby Martin won the prize for best lookin’ couple of eve.

Dori Davenport, the cutie, was dancing with “Sharpie” Denny with his new green vest and tie – green no less.

Bud Knelling with his striped polo shirt, looked lonely without Joan W.

The Sub – debbies – Julie McGrath and Maryann Scott – danced around in their coats, then went out again.

Vito Luciano is quiet but popular with --?

Virginia Attix was out for the first time.  – Welcome Virginia.

Ronnie Shannon and Schwambie are that-away.  Spring is in the air.

Woo Bowe surely looks sharp with that mustache.  Only been growing three days too.

“Mayor La Guardia Mundell,” we mean the cigar – not the physique, tall and sleek, not short and copulent.

The boys say, “the three girls who dance together should learn to dance by couples before trying three at a time.”

Thelma Biddle looked sweet in her striped blouse.

Ching Lou Gemberling was her with her queque.

Jean Anderson and Tommy Vaughn, welcome.

Troy, do you have to pop gum in your partner’s ear?

We think, Dominick Piccolimini is a cute kid.

Mule team – chorus girls, C. Gaskill, M. Sherrick, M. Crossland and Ruth Wilde put on a show.

Our nerves – the suspenders on Bill Adams.

Fannie Gemberling is wearing her heart on the outside this week, boy friend gone.  Her guest was Ben Truex.

St. Jimmie gals made their grand entrance and didn’t stay long.  We miss you when you aren’t there.

Creepy Kid was initiatin’ his new tooth.

Ann Sweeten was in green; could be ‘cause Sullivan is Irish.

Loie Wilson looks sleek in her page boy.

Spring is here – notice Marson’s clean saddle shoes?

Mae Crossland informs us she made 73 at bowling for the first game in her life.

Didn’t Maryann Fisher and Joe Grasso look nice together, and both in yellow.

“Faucet” was here again.  Who is he?

The girl’s name in the green dress is Irene Wharton.

Who is the girl James Rickett threatened to bring next week?

The contortionist, Buss Mason, dancing cheek to cheek and chewing gum at the same time.
Pettit was dancin’.  News!

Embarrassing moments when Mason almost fell into the girls’ room.

Pat Burke was dancing with her uniform.  Looked nice too, with her blond hair.

Be seeing you, next Friday.

Kandy Kids

Did you get that line about “Tina Parno swinging around in her orange plaid skirt?”

Whew!  It makes my head spin just thinking about it.

It’s people like Mrs. Saletra who gave so much time and energy to help teenagers have a good time and learn to mature into responsible adults.

For those of you that are too young to remember the SA-JA-RE, it was the game room at the local Y were we danced, played games, fooled around, checked
out chicks and the girls checked us out.

It was formed to have students from all three high schools attend and it got its name from Salem, St. James, and REhi.

A lot of adults got together and spent lots of time seeing to it that we had a nice place to go before and/or after basketball or football games or just to spend
an evening.

None of us had cars in those days, so, we had to walk (except for Salem kids who must have conned a parent to transport them.)

The word “community” over the picture meant more than just a town; it stood for community spirit and pride that encompassed a large part of our county that
includes Penns Grove, Carneys Point and Salem.

Folks really enjoyed picking out people and places they recognized.  Drop me a line c/o The Sampler if you wish to share them with folks around the county.

They sure were the good ole days.

P.S. 1.  – Thanks to Mrs. “Nez” Hocknell, my brother Romey, Frankie Baldini, Kate and “Limey” James for lending all those pictures from way back in the ‘20’s
and ‘40’s for our display in Dunn’s Park for the Second Annual Pride Day.

P.S. 2.  -- How’s this for coincidence?  Charlie Grover and his wife stopped by our trailer in Cape May last Saturday to tell us they saw the chapter about Miss
Shoemaker.  They said they lived with her when they were first married, many moons ago.  I remarked that they live in Pennsville and wondered how they met
her.  Charlie lived in Bridgeport also.  They said she almost spoiled their little boy.  What are the odds against that series of events happening and coming to
light so many years later?  They must be high.

  Special to "The Sampler"
  June 6, 1990