Dearie...Do You Remember When?
                                                                                       The Shopping was All There
                                                                                                  by Dave Bailey, Sr.

Dearie, do you remember when a shopping spree was a trip to F. W. Woolworth’s 5¢ and 10¢ store on Broad Street?  Remember when Helen Buckley
was in charge of finances and Frank Bailey was a stock boy?  Do you remember they actually had a service elevator that ran from the first to the
second floor?

Dearie, do you remember when you could buy Mom some cheap perfume for 50¢, your Dad aftershave for a quarter, and get your brother or sister
something and still have money left?  Remember when Christmas cards cost a nickel and you could mail them for three cents?  Remember putting the
Christmas seals on letter to fight TB or the March of Dimes?

Dearie, can you go back to seeing Santa in Hurley’s Department Store on South Broad Street?  He actually came in on a fire engine from the Borough
Hall and greeted kids right up to Christmas.  Do you remember the Christmas parties sponsored by the Odd Fellow and Rebecca’s held over Willis’
Hardware?  How about those held at the YMCA?  Do you remember Santa Arriving at every party and looking slightly different?

Dearie, do you remember when you could take out a Christmas Club for 25¢ a week and save up to $12.50 for a whole year just for Christmas
shopping?  (Clubs were offered at People’s Bank and Penns Grove National).

Dearie, can you remember what a big deal it was to get a box of hard candy and a tangerine?...and when you thought it was really great is a couple
pieces of chocolate were thrown in?  When Christmas music was centered in Jingle Bells and White Christmas?  When it was still OK to sing Christmas
carols in school and have Christmas plays, and we acted out the nativity?  (Can you remember even decorating a Christmas tree in the school

Dearie, can you remember making a list and checking it twice?  When Santa was REAL, and snow was prayed for on Christmas Eve?  Remember
when downtown Broad and Main looked like a Christmas wonderland?  Poland’s Jewelry, Snyder’s News Agency, the Fashion Shop, Morris’
Restaurant, Burpulisis’ Corner Store, and Cheeseman’s Drug Store – all at one intersection?  Remember Cariamas caroling and hot chocolate and
cookies?  Remember trying to go to sleep on Christmas Eve and hearing hoof beats on the roof?  Remember Christmas morning and presents and
family and friends – and wishing it would never end?  Remember Penns Grove and Carneys Point in those gold ‘old days?   Well Dearie, if you do, so
do we at your Historical Society!

"10th Anniversary of: the Historical Society of Penns Grove and Carneys Point & Oldmans – May 13, 2010 "