Dearie Do You Remember?
                                                                                                          By Dave Bailey

                                                                        Summer Thrills and Chills

Dearie, do you remember when it was great to be out of school for the summer - "no more teachers, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks." It
was great to go barefoot and wear shorts - and get dirty!
Remember when Kool Aid first came out? Remember Yoo Hoo chocolate drink and a 5 cent Pepsi and Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer?
Wasn't it great to go on a Sunday school picnic at Centerton or Palatine Lake? Remember Vacation Bible School and the crafts, the music, the
games and the snacks?
And how about those summer storms? Remember the heavy rain, the lightening, the thunder, and the end of the world?
Remember baseball in the street, tinny-can, hide and seek, Red Rover and dodge ball? How about going to Cowtown to shop at night? Remember
when the merchants would be there all day and not leave until well after dark? Remember the air-cooled stores, the movies being air-conditioned (a
mecca from the heat) and costing 12 cents for a matinee and 17 cents at night?
Remember having to change the storm windows and put on the porch screens? Remember going to Camp Carney or was it Kamp Karney? And
climbing the long hill from the dining room to the tents? And how about Camp Roosevelt for the scouts? Remember when the camps seemed so far
from home?
Remember the old sliding screen you would put in the window to get some air or how about the cheese net on the windows to keep out the bugs?
Remember when it was  simply too hot to go to sleep? Remember fanning in church with a hand fan from a local undertaker's establishment?
How about sprinkling the hose or jumping into the old galvanized tub and making believe it was the beach? And how about those wool bathing suits?
Remember those Victory gardens during World War II, or the backyard gardens later that grew those great Jersey vegetables? And the old push
mower that you used to cut the grass and the hand clippers you used to trim with?
 Remember a trip to Richman's for an ice cream cone or the frozen custard? And remember when about August 30th you started getting bored with
summer and wanted to go back to school? Remember? Well Dearie, you're much older than I!