First Baptist Church, Penns Grove, NJ

  The First Baptist Church of Penns Grove was organized on June 10, 1892 with nine members.  The first place of meeting was in the
business establishment of Thomas J. White on Main Street and later the meeting place was changed to Turner’s Hall on West Hamony
Street.  This was the fruition of the mission services conducted by Rev. Jacob C. Stump while Pastor of the First Baptist Church of
Pedricktown.The little band of believers was recognized as a regular Baptist Church on August 25, 1892 and on March 30, 1894 erected
a chapel 20’ by 30’ on State Street at a cost of $652.48.
  With sufficient growth there was soon a need for a new church building. This was erected and dedicated November 14, 1907 under the
ministry of Rev. H.S. Kidd.  The adjacent chapel was known as the lecture room, and to this an addition was made in July of 1911. The
enlarged lecture room was rented to the Public School System for a primary department for several years and later it became the
  The next step of progress was recorded in 1920 when the baptistery and three classrooms were added to the church building.  Rev.
Fred J. Peters was Pastor when these improvements were made.  On Feb. 28, 1950 due to crammed quarters, it was decided to utilize the
existing Parsonage, and to purchase a new Parsonage, keeping in mind the need for additional expansion in the near future.
  The need for expansion, the acute parking problem on State Street, and the costly repairs needed on the old church building caused
the congregation on January 27, 1954, to proceed with the proposed Building Program.   This decision called for an expenditure of
approximately $70,000, the selection of an appropriate site, and the disposition of the three properties owned by the church.   After
discouraging delays, ground-breaking ceremonies were held on the S. Elmwood Avenue site on April 22, 1956.  Through the weeks and
months following, the members gave themselves to the gigantic task of erecting their own church building which was finally finished and
dedicated to the glory of God on Sunday, June 16, 1957.
 On March 23,2003, The First Baptist Church and Bethel Bible Church merged their congregations forming the Bethel Bible Baptist
Church. The new congregation holds services in the building on S.Elmwood Ave in Carneys Point.