First Baptist Church of Pedricktown

The history of the First Baptist Church of Pedricktown begins in 1857 when German members of the Pedricktown community formed what became
known as "The German mission". The first preacher was Caspar Schlag, a German cobbler. At first, members gathered in resident's homes. In
1857, the Huber Homestead, located off Penns Grove Road, became the location for church services. The group of worshippers adopted the
name "German Baptist Society". In 1888 letters of dismissal were given by the mother church (in Philadelphia) in order for twenty one. members to
form a church in Pedricktown. The building of the first chapel took place in 1859 with Julius Berger of Philadelphia as the minister. Morning
services were spoken in German and evening services were held in English.
In 1889 plans to erect a new church were discussed. Samuel Doughten was awarded the contract for $1,550. Reverend Stump became the
second pastor in April 1890 and he presided over the dedication of the new church building. Both German and English services were conducted
in this church until August 1891 when the last service in German was given in the Sunday school. On October 24, 1891, the church was legally
incorporated as "The First Baptist Church at Pedricktown.  
In 1906 the church was rebuilt at the sum of $5,000. On January 26, 1915 a catastrophic event took place when the church was destroyed by
fire. Church services began being held at Redman's Hall. After raising $20,000 from members, the present stone structure was built. On
September 26, 1915, the new church was dedicated.
In 1953, a Building Fund was established for the purposes of constructing an educational building. The cost was $112,000 and it became known
as "The Fellowship Hall. It was dedicated in October 1958.