The Broad Street Amusement Co. of Penns Grove  1917 until February 28, 1919. Original owners of theater on South Broad Street
Broad Theatre   9 South  Broad Street, R. Schweiger (1924) est 1917; originally a stage and vaudeville theatre. it became the first vitaphone house
in Salem County in 1928. Building removed in 1968
The Campus  South  Broad Street  teenage night club
Carneys Point Fitness and Raquetball Club  91 South Virginia Avenue  (June 1983)
Casino Billiard Parlor   Delaware Avenue and west Main Street, J oseph F. Chandler, proprieter  (Apr 1917)
Casino Billiards  4 South Broad Street J. Frank Straughn
Elkington Moving Picture Theater  Delaware Avenue,  George H. Elkington Opened July 31, 1915
Fred Renner Pool and Billiard Parlor  114 West Main Street (1928)
Globe Theatre   West Main Street at Delaware Avenue erected by John Banco in 1910. Theatre had silent movies, and minstel and vaudeville shows.
Grove Theater  55 North Broad Street, Frank Bolden, manager
J. C. Reckless  Pool Room  and Cigar Store  Penn Street  opened 1915
JJ’s Video Rentals  223 East Main Street
Madama Hana   Virginia Avenue Mobile Home Park (1957) Palm reader
Mapleway Recreation  201 South Virginia Avenue  bowling alleys William C. "Chet"  Cowperthwait, owner   
Nelson Rivers  65 Walnut Street  billiards and pool
Penns Grove Moving Picture Parlor
Rappa's Pool Hall  
above John's Corner (Previously over Poland's Broad St. rear)
Riverside Moving Picture Palace  (1916) silent movie theater; Building taken down in 1968.
Riverview Pocket Billiard Parlor  Shell Road and Walker Avenue  (April 1917)        
Rudy’s Sporting Goods  104 North Broad Street, Grand opening October 16, 1971
Sparger's Record Store  47 South Broad Street;  (location closed by July 1952)
Swiger's Moving Picture Theater  Main Street (1915)
Art Craft Studio  16 West Main Street  photography supplies  Charles L. Roork
Conover's  West Main Street Photo Shop.
KenDon Studios   24 East Main Street Portraits of Distinction, Kenneth R. Gorecki; 11 Marsden Avenue (1961)
MacIntyre Photo Shop  100 East Main Street, photographer, Francis MacIntyre (MacIntyre’s Studio)
MacIntyre’s Photo Supply  66 East Main Street, stereos, records, televisions, camera supplies (1973)
MacIntyre's Camera Shop South Broad Street (Later moved to 100 E Main St.)
Marie E. Roork  14 West Main Street  photographer
Olan Mills   5 East Main Street, photographer
Roark’s Photo Service  50 Elvin Avenue
Roork's    West Main Street  Photo & camera shop
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