Bible Way Church of Christ of the Apostolic Faith
The Bible Way Church of Christ of the Apostolic Faith organization has served the community since 1954.  The late
Bishop Edward L. Dunn the founder and first pastor passed through Penns Grove  while in route to Virginia. Bishop
Dunn was from New York City and under the direction of his overseer, the late Bishop L.C. Lawson was headed to
Virginia and got misdirected and ended up in Penns Grove.  During this time he met several people all of whom are now
deceased - Mother Willa Ethel Lewis, Mother Bernice Kirby, Mother Bagby, Mother Holloway, Mother Westbrooks and
several others.  He began to hold church services going from house to house.

Around 1956 a group of Pioneers purchased the lot and property at 37 Mitchell Ave.  The church thrived under the
leadership of Bishop Dunn as many souls came to Christ.  Bishop Dunn became well known in the region and from his
tutelage, many other ministries were founded. Bishop Dunn was widely respected in Penns Grove as was the Bible Way
Church of Christ. Under the various pastors over the years, the church has touched the many lives and for that we are
very grateful to be a pillar of this community.

Bishop Dunn opened a church in Philadelphia Pa in the mid 1960's and the late Elder Jake Gary, became pastor
continuing under the oversight of Bishop Dunn.  Elder Gary continued the ministry as many more souls came in and
committed their lives to Christ.  In 1968, the late Elder Robert L. Brown, was consecrated as pastor and overseer of the
assembly as Elder Gary opened an assembly in Philadelphia.  Elder Robert L. Brown continued the ministry strong in
the faith as more souls committed themselves to Christ and members were added to the assembly.  In 1967, there was a
fire in the older building but it was repaired. Elder Brown often relayed the vision that he received from the Lord that a
new building was needed.

In 1973 under the leadership of Elder Brown, planning began for a new sanctuary that would able to seat substantially
more people than the older building. In 1974, the construction of the new sanctuary  
building was completed.  A dedication service was held on December 29th, 1974.

Elder Brown passed away September 28th, 1987 and the late Elder Willie J. Ballard became pastor.  Elder Ballard took
ill in 2005 and passed away in 2014.  The Bible Way Church went through some difficult times since 2014 but is
pressing forward and looking for a regeneration and renewal in 2019.  We will once again be contributors to our
community and a source of spiritual enrichment to all.