Corpus Christi Church, Carneys Point, NJ
 The new facilities inspired the parishioners to continue with activities to eliminate the debt incurred by construction. Bingo was moved to the
Parish Hall  and a decision was made to hold an annual carnival along with other events such as bazaars, barbecues, teas, etc. During this
early period the church also welcomed a new pastor, Father Rocco A. Continillo, in September 1973.
 At the time of his arrival the parish still had a debt of approximately $200,000.00. The fundraising continued not only with the desire to
eliminate the debt, but also with the vision of building a new church. On May 15, 1981 the final payment on the original construction was
made allowing the congregation to begin new plans. The Capital Fund Drive for a new building was begun on May 24, 1981 and the ground
breaking ceremony took place on June 21,1981. Construction began in earnest in January 1982 and after one and a half years of work the
first permanent Catholic Church in Carneys Point was dedicated on June 5, 1983.
  Corpus Christi was established in June 1966 by Archbishop
Celestine J. Damiano. During the early days services were held in the
homes of parishioners and in the St. James High School. After many
suggestions and plans being discussed by clergy and parishioners,
the decision was made to erect a combination parish hall and rectory
at 369 Georgetown Rd. The planning committee decided to engage
professional fund raisers and this campaign resulted in gifts and
pledges amounting to approximately 25% of the anticipated costs. It
was during this period that Bingo was started (October 1966) as a
fund raiser. This activity was held in The American Legion Home on
Virginia Ave until the new Parish Hall was available.
  Ground breaking for the new buildings occurred on March 25, 1969.
The Parish Hall consisted of a rectangular building with a large
vestibule, limited facilities for sacristy, a stage, a kitchen and storage
space. The rectory contained a common room and four apartments
on the second floor. On the ground level were three offices, a kitchen,
dining area, housekeeper's quarters and space for a chapel and
confessional near the entryway. The new hall and rectory were
dedicated on May 10, 1970 by Bishop George H. Guilfoyle