Ebenezer United Methodist Church, Auburn, NJ
In 1790, a log church was built near Sculltown, (Auburn) in Gloucester County, on the
Oldmans Creek Road. (A cemetery now marks the spot where the first church stood) Until
1825, when the Friendship School was built, this church served as the seat of learning.
On September 3, 1840, the New Ebenezer Meeting House was officially incorporated. The
name it is believed, was chosen because of its meaning -" Stone of Help".
In 1864 ground was purchased for $84 where the former Mary B. Farley School stood.
This was also the time that Sculltown became Auburn. The pastor of the original Sculltown
Circuit (1850-57) was Bromwell Andrews with John Hiesler as assistant. In December of
1865 a committee of trustees met to oversee purchasing a lot for the church in the village
of Auburn. Some members of the committee thought the price was high so they decided
not to purchase the property at that time.
In 1899 the trustees decided to buy the lot for $100.00. Approximately one year later the
old church structure was placed on logs and moved to where it stands today. In 1912 a
social hall was built at the rear of the church. In 1960 the social hall was connected to the
church and was made into Sunday school rooms. The basement was converted to serve
as a social hall and the sanctuary was remodeled. The burning of the mortgage was held
on October16, 1966.
In 1991 the church celebrated 200 Years of Methodism in Auburn with a special service
visited by former pastors, along with District Superintendent Harlan Baxter. In 1993, after
months of planning, the social hall underwent extensive renovations.  In 2007 accessible
entry was completed and central air conditioning was installed.