Hudson United Methodist Church, Pedricktown, NJ
The first Methodist Church in Oldmans was formed in Perkintown.  Benjamin Abbott began preaching in John Strimple's log house. In the
early 1800's, a frame church building was built at that site. In 1832 a brick church building was erected where services were held until
1884. Farmers, from the local and surrounding communities were the main supporters of  this church.
The nearby village of Auburn became an important town for commerce and a church was built there in 1842. As the population grew in
Pedricktown (Pedricktown Boat Landing), the need for a place to worship became evident. The Methodists began meeting in the old
school house. In 1860, as the need for a Methodist Church grew, one was built at 29 N. Railroad Ave. The new church was called
Hudson Methodist Episcopal Church, in honor of its first pastor, Rev. Samuel M. Hudson. The cornerstone was laid on August 1, 1860.
Hudson Church remained on a circuit with five other churches. In 1864 the circuit was divided and Hudson became a part of a circuit with
Auburn, Center Square and Perkintown. Later, Hudson Church was part of a circuit with Haines Neck Church until 1986. For the next
eight years it was an individual charge and then in 1994 it was placed on a circuit with St. Paul's in Penns Grove, where it remains.
Over the years the church has seen many improvements including a new parsonage at 31 N. Railroad Ave., (under Rev. Spencer
Moore), a pipe organ around 1914 under Rev. Edwin H. Cloud, (The pipe organ was electrified in 1945), a new kitchen around 1926,
under Rev. E.R. Craid, and the furnaces changed from coal to oil in 1934, under Rev. P.T. Buck. Also a new educational wing was
added  in 1959 and during 1980, Carillons were installed that ring twice a day.