The Tabernacle, Penns Grove, NJ
In the period of 1915-1917 there was a great influx of men
to the area due to the employment needs of the Powder
Works in Carneys Point. With the increased population
came an increase in public drunkenness. To counter this
problem several area ministers decided to join forces and
put public law to use – specifically a state law which forbade
granting a liquor license within one mile of a Camp Meeting.
Led by Rev. Edward Mount of St Paul’s Church and Rev.
Fred Peters of the Baptist Church  an association was
formed and  monies were raised to construct a building on
E. Harmony St in Penns Grove.  The Tabernacle was built
in March 1916 and evangelistic meetings were held there.
When the April term of court was opened the County Judge
was obligated to refuse the issuance of liquor licenses thus
rendering Penns Grove a “dry” town eight years before
Prohibition was enacted on a national level. The
Tabernacle was also used as a community center hosting
rallies, sports events and school functions. It was converted
to a supermarket in 1939 and was destroyed by fire in 1945.