Union Presbyterian Church, Carneys Point, NJ
View from Walker Ave side from Dupont (Green) School playground
The beginnings of Union Presbyterian Church date back
the spring of 1916 when a Sunday School  was organized
under the leadership of Mrs. Joseph M. Wright. The Sunday
School met in the DuPont School.In attendance were eight
teachers and thirty-nine pupils. Then, on March 5, 1917,
the Presbytery of West Jersey formally organized a
Presbyterian Church with 20 members under the leadership
of Rev. C. A. Fornataro.  
On Sunday, February 15, 1920, the pastor Dr. O. Bell
Close dedicated the church.  A reception was held for 114
people entering the membership of the church.  A petition
was drawn requesting that the Presbytery of West Jersey
change the name of the church to Union Presbyterian
Church.  Because of extremely crowded conditions and the
need for additional facilities, extensive renovations were
made, and an educational building added in 1950.
Forty-two years after the dedication of the first church
building, a new church building of modern design was
dedicated on February 17, 1962.  Over 500 persons,
including both members and visitors, viewed the dedication
of the new sanctuary which connected with the former
church building.  This former church building became part
of the educational facility.
By 1988, it had become apparent that this former church
building would have to undergo extensive renovations.  
When these renovations were completed in 1990, the
Presbytery of West Jersey dedicated the newly named
Featherer Hall in memory of Judge Alvin and Sally
Featherer.  This building, with its large meeting room, choir
room, Deacons' closet, modern kitchen, and up-to-date
facilities is in constant use, not only for church gatherings
but also for other community activities as well.
At the present time, an updating of the lower floor of the
1950 education building has recently just been completed.  
This included construction of new separate classrooms,
updating older classrooms, and making these
New sanctuary added in 1962